I’m thankful for…wall squats! (said no one ever)

Dates: 2019-11-23

Where: wartowne

QIC: Rug Burn

Number of Pax: 23

Pax Names: Fleetwood, Rembrandt, Papa John, Exile, Trill, Dump Truck, Law Dog, Twinkle Toes, Brady Bunch, Dig Em, Narco, Bagger, Homer, Carmen San Diego, Dotee (spelling? Ha), Turtle Head, Lightening, Drum Stick, Lizard King, Hard Drive, Saluki

FNG Names: N/A

Warm-O-Rama: Mosey to bottom of amphitheater , side straddle hops, weed picker, mummy kicks/ Frankenstein’s, arm circles, Michael Phelps

20 dips at bottom ledge of amphitheater, 15 Mike Tyson’s at top, sprint up hill, 10 burpees, side straddle for the 6

The Thang: Partner Up
4 alleys intersecting the 4 softball fields, each focusing on one body part. Partner 1 sprints to cone at the end of the alley and does 25 reps of whatever exercise is written down while Partner 2 stays at the other side of the alley (“the base”) and maxes out until Partner 1 comes back. After all 75 reps of each body part has been completed by both partners, the partners were to write one thing that they are thankful for on the “Thankful List”.

“Merkin Mile”
Base: Plank Max / modify mountain climbers if needed
Cone: 25 wide / 25 diamond / 25 side to side

“Shoulder Street”
Base: air press max / modify arm circles
Cone: 25 shoulder taps / 25 Carolina Drydocks / 25 chair dips

“Leg Lap”
Base: wall squats
Cone: 25 squat jumps / 25 monkey jumpers / 25 Bonnie Blair’s

“Abdominal Alley”
Base: hold 6 inches / modify: lbc’s
Cone: 25 American hammer / 25 big boy / 25 j-lo’s

In summation: 75 reps and each alley - 300 total reps - in between each alley, write down what you’re thankful for.

COT: It's easy to be thankful at this time of year or when great things happen to us... the real challenge is to be thankful when the wind is in our face and the waters are muddy (see what I did there). Although we are faced with adversity on a constant basis and the outside world is trying to take down our morale... we must persevere and never forget to be thankful for our many blessings that we've been given.

Prayers for Silverado’s wife. ice T’s MIL, and Sherapova’s wife.

Kudos to all of the men who helped with setting up the Christmas Decor at Hobgood. My apologies I could not make it...we had company at the house. Y'all are awesome!

Naked Man Moleskin: The thankful list was both insightful and hilarious. Plenty of appreciation for our “M’s”, F3 in general, God/Grace, Donuts and someone is thankful for “their chin”. Haha!

Other observations:
Exile does not have pec implants despite horrific rumors
Law Dog (my partner) lost count on big boy situps causing me to tear several lower abs waiting on his arrival
Loved all of the "newbies" joining WT! Y'all are a great group of guys!
Drumstick should never be called on to do "mary" again. Crabcakes are clearly his specialty.
Lightening is much much much faster than me and it's embarrassing.
Fleetwood convinced me at one point we were to finish at 7:45...thank god Papa John convinced me otherwise.
I've never Q'd with that big of a PAX before. I was very nervous and appreciated everyone's help to build my confidence up. It turned out to be a lot of fun.
The Q was much harder than anticipated...I've already taken 2 (short) naps with visitors at our house today...oh well. Haha.

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