What does bush whacking + road running + never ending hills equal? A bad hip and no show for Manning at the Witch.

Dates: 2019-11-25

Where: wicked_witch


Number of Pax: 12

Pax Names: Law Dog, Flop, El Hombre, Almost, Garfy, HB, Drumstick, Mickey, Gryllsey, Quag, Kevin, and Misty

Warm-O-Rama: Copperhead squat

The Thang: Hit the no fly zone pull bars. 10 reverse hand pull ups, 10 burpees, and 20 squats.

Now to the pull up bars everyone knows and enjoys so much. Kinda like cheap lady of the night. Always there and easily accessible. 5-10 crossover pull ups, 10 burpees and 20 squat jumps.

Alas, the power line. Partner up. Start with 10 bropees, run back to the gate on the other end and do 20 brokins. Rinse and repeat one more time.

Mosey towards fire station. Balls to the wall down the gravel road back to the flag.

COT: Almost lost his cousin Drew last week. Prayers for his family. Drew gave his life to Christ before passing. Even in the worse tragedies, God is still working.

Drumstick’s divorce. He and his girls had fun doing Christmas decorations yesterday but it was emotional to face the realities of divorce. God has got this brother. Stay strong.

Gryllsey trying to sell the house that him and his ex wife own. Pray his ex wife submits to this plan so they can wrap up this financial burden and each start a new chapter in there lives.

Pray for safe travels, little to no stress and to make a bunch of fun memories over the thanksgiving holiday.

Naked Man Moleskin: Garfy almost pooped himself. I finally found someone who has more digestive issues than me.

Kif and Almost looked like they were going to do a tag team bank heist immediately after the witch. Sky mask? Really? 35 degrees.....

Drumstick thinks he is so cool in his Range Rover. Next comes the obligatory post divorce Affliction t-shirts and jeans with pocket studs on the back.

Grylls made his epic return to the witch today. Pretty solid performance considering you have been leading the Cherokee Gold movement for months. Btw, will you let DS borrow one of your Axe Body Sprays when he hits Bumble? Maybe give him an intro to that poor Sally you sent packing right before Thanksgiving. I hear she is lonely. Geez.

Any day now we find out Law Dog is running a massive drug ring with the convicts we are paying him to put away!

Did you know Flop ran two AR’s year? Follow him on Facebook. He will be live streaming himself and telling you how awesome he is!

I’ve been thinking about going gay lately. Every time I decide who I want to make my first pass on, some new stud shows up. Quaggy moved up my hit list big time today with his infamous tights. Winner winner chicken dinner!

Misty, Mickey and Almost fought hard for the mute trophy today! It was ruthless.

And Unemployed Dale. What do you say about him? He is like a tug boat. Slow but powerful and reliable! And we all love him. He gave us the best Beatdown F3 has to offer, the Wicked F___ing Witch!

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