Pulling in at my customary time of 5:29 and what do I see, but 14 Pax getting some foreplay in before LawDog’s Q School. Dory is doing something right over there.

Dates: 2019-09-09

Where: kodiak

QIC: LawDog

Number of Pax: 15

Pax Names: Dory, Legionnaire, Swisher, Twiggy, Tie-dye, Red Sauce, Deep Dish, Zillow, Mickey, Woody, Digem, LawDog, Todo, Miyagi, Hasbro

Warm-O-Rama: At 5:30 sharp according to the Timex Ironman YHC has been wearing for going on a Decade, gave a disclaimer, called out IC Imperial Walkers, Windmills, Michael Phelps, and Squats.

The Thang: Mosey over to the Middle School because apparently football is practicing this morning. Line up and call a ten count exercise. Then one by one each pax steps up front and calls a 10 count exercise in cadence. Everything from rolly polly merkins, American Hammers, LBCs, squats, lunges, many other exercises and mosey by Zillow.

Now that the pax know how to lead an exercise in cadence, time to learn the difference between a Rubicon Count and Kodiak Count. Run a lap around the parking lot stopping at each light pole to rotate between lunges and sholder taps. Lungs were 10 Rubicon counts, while shoulder taps were 10 Kodiak count. Everyone now know that Kodiak is greater than Rubicon count.

Just enough time to mosey the long way back to the flag. Simple instructions, when the Q stops and points, that pax calls out a 10 rep exercise in cadence.

Back to the flag for a mary go round. Each pax call a 10 rep in cadence mary. Almost made it around the circle before stopping at 6:15 according to the Ironman.

COT: Prayers for Bloomers and His Dad and Prayers for Todo's friend. Praise for the fellowship we are building here in Cherokee County.

Naked Man Moleskin: Where oh where to begin. First of, YHC loves Foreplay and to see 14 pax taking on a little pre-run before the startex was awesome. There was some mubble chatter that the Pax was worried about YHC not showing, but I like to role in like a Cadre, right on time. Even showed Dory, 5:30am sharp on My Ironman when I started.

Tie-Dye posts on his second time and already has a Diploma from LDQS. Sign him up for to launch a new beatdown next week. He is ready.

Since when did Woody become the Bloodhound of American Hammers?

Zillow really wanted to be the first pax called on for the mosey section of the Q-School. He sprinted to the front and then called a beautiful sun gods 10 count cadence.

This is where things went haywire. YHC calls on Dory at the end of the parking lot waiting to gather all pax with an exercise so all pax could then safely cross the road. Next thing I knew, Dory said across the road and line up for a tunnel of love. Insert picture of Homeboy's favorite Dog Gif. What does a tunnel of love have to do with a 10 count in cadence exercise. Consider the Q highjacked. finished with no time to provide more training to pax during the mosey. Oh well, the tunnel of love is always fun.

Legionnaire was Legionnaire and Swisher was Swisher.

Todo was back form being a Kotter. Glad to see him. He can follow direction. YHC told the pax to watch carefully as to how I called exercises in the beginning. Todo must have a photographic memory watching the way I called squats because every time he was called on he nailed it.

Digem is a little intense. When it was his turn to step up, he called 10 burpees on your own. Yep.

Deep Dish called a Lunge and Zillow called a mosey, Hey that sounds like a good idea so YHC incorporated it on the next round of exercises for the Kodiak Count session.

The lesson learned form LDQS is Black Swan. The pax handled the choas brilliently and thats how you conquer life.

YHC was leaving the High School when My phone started ringing. Twas Dory. He wanted to personally thank me for taking time out of my busy Nantan duties to visit the herokee mothership and teach all the new pax about F3. He told me that I am his personal hero and that without my excellent mumble chatter and glowing personality at 5:30 in the mornings, F3Cherokee would not be the same. He told me that Manning and Homeboy have matching locketts with my MVP picture from Thanksgiving so that I am close to their hearts every day because they would not have been able to defeat sadclown town without me. THen Dory said, "Hey man my care battery is dead, can you come back and give me a jump?"

Ok so only some of that last part is true, the Locket Picture is one of my better photographic moments.


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