YHC was going to talk about how I ran in to Dandy at the grocery store and how he begged me to run hills or he would not post to the Wicked witch and while all of that is totally true and not a tall tale, the more the day went on yesterday the more clear in became through slack that YHC must be the greatest of all time.

Dates: 2019-08-19

Where: wicked_witch

QIC: LawDog aka The GOAT

Number of Pax: 13

Pax Names: Hombre, Ghandi, Manning, Kiffin, Almost, Garfield, Homeboy, Haggis, Smurfette, Quagmire, Dandy, C4, LawDog

Warm-O-Rama: Westside was called up on Military duty at the last second or he forgot his monthly botox injections were scheduled for the same day he signed up to Q the Witch. Either way, it gave YHC a chance to Q the witch again. This of course happened so fast that YHC really did not have time to come up with a solid plan, so the warm up was literally a few standards just to give YHC time to think. Eureka! The Walls of Jericho is fun. Even though the witch is a mean Apocalyto AO and has no walls, the yellow to red to orange back to yellow loop would make for a fun Wods of Jericho beatdown. This is how genius thinks.

The Thang: Took a lap around the newly devised route to make sure all Pax know exactly where to go. This lap is a bit longer and harder than any lap Jericho has seen so to get in seven rounds of exercises, Pax performed the seven reps of seven exercises right after both creek crossings. Burpees, Merkins, Squats, LBCs, American Hammers, Ranger Merkins, and Big Boy Situps. All told Pax made it three laps starting and finishing with the exercises. Then back to the Flag for some flutter kicks. Look at that, still time on the Q's watch, it may not be sycronized with Apple, but it is the Q's watch so it is law of the land. Who is up for some J-Lo on the gravel. C4 was.

COT: Prayers for Ghandi's M. Ghandi asked for prayers to be a stronger husband. We can all use that prayer. Thinking about that helped encourage me to go with the M to Veteran's park after dinner to walk. I was tired and worn out from a long day at work, but spending a few minutes with my M doing something she wanted to do was something someone wanting to be a better husband would do. Thanks Ghandi for the reminder. We all fall short from time to time and it really only takes a little effort each day to improve.

Naked Man Moleskin: As I said before, YHC is the Greatest of all time. As the day went on slack lit up praise for YHC being the greatest Q of all time. I know that this is quite an honor and I humbly(brag) accept the award for the Greatest of All Time Rougie that is being bestowed upon YHC 4 months early in a never before seen move by the Rougie committeed. I would like to thank Manning for always telling me how great I am. It means a lot that this Bro who is 10 years my senior looks up to me as a role model. Next, I want thank Grylls. Without your constant praise on how great I am, I do not know whether I could continuously trust my wonderful brain to continue to seek inspiration on the fly. Direct Quote "Even when LawDog does not Q, his presence make all Pax push a little harder." Homeboy, one of my most improved grasshoppers. The first time I called on him for a cadence exercise it was a total disaster, like hall of fame disaster cadence count. Now he is leading mary waiting on the six like a pro. Hombre, without you there would be no Woods of Jericho, because only you are crazy enough to want to start an AO in the middle of the woods at the gloom hour. Almost, you lived up to your name. You almost got 3 miles. (pro tip, just do what I do. I sync my Ironman Timex to Mannings mileage because his watch mysteriously gains 1/10 a mile for every 1/2 mile run.) FInally, I want to thank YHC. Without YHC being so awesome and great America would not be America, the grass would not be green, Cheeseburger Bobbies would have never come to Canton, C4 would not love J-Lo, Garfield would never have spiced coffee and the Sun would be a little less bright.


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