I still remember the day that Odd Job brought three FNG’s to Veteran’s Park. MSG, Scully, and Earhart all posted together. MSG has been “working” for months without showing up – other than to have “lunch” with Floppy. Scully…gone. And Earhart promised OJ that he’d be there today…Sad.

Dates: 2019-10-03

Where: happy_jack

QIC: Manning

Number of Pax: 5

Pax Names: Homeboy, Duke, Legionnaire, Pana, Odd Job, Manning, Not Earhart

Warm-O-Rama: Long mosey up to the steep hill near the tennis courts. Did some Quaggy P's and skipped everything else. We have a lot of work to do today boys.

The Thang: "6's" start by running up the steep hill and do 5 decline merkins at the top and 1 BBSU at the bottom.
Ignore all the whining pax worried about the danger of this incline
Run a lap around the skateboard park and facilities building. Rinse and repeat and reverse direction each time.
5 laps total.

Knock out some MARY while waiting on the 6.5 to finish

Interval training 9/8/7
Set off running together at a 9:00 pace to the first marked post, drop to 8:00 to the next, and then 7:00
Return back for a 9:00 and 8:00 and wrap it all up with some more MARY and 10 burpees to the delight of the two ladies who were scoping out Odd Job.

COT: Prayers for all those participating in the Spartan and BRAR races this weekend
For McFarland who is gutting it out through his IT band injury and getting into the top group of CVHS runners prepping for County
For those who quietly slip back out of the gloom that need a poke to come back out.

Naked Man Moleskin: Arrived to find Legionnaire sleeping in the middle of the road while Pana just ran around like a lunatic
HP scoffs that he doesn't care for dogs with curled up tails - with different colored eyes. Ahem, Devil Dog
Odd Job literally wiping tears at the comforting sight of a public bathroom
Awkward silence from 05:28:30 until 05:30:00 while we waited for Earhart to show up and fulfill his promise to OJ
9:00 mile feels like a 3/4 mosey after dropping it down to 7:00
Whines about poison oak and the hill being too steep
OJ finally breaking his silence and admitting that he makes the long drive to THJ (NORTH) because everyone at TLD (SOUTH) are...well this is no place to type words like that. You'll just have to ask him for yourselves.
HB: Are there good hills at TPE? OJ: Not really, but there are low bridges, and they like to hug.
I was having a very difficult time staying on the path today and almost fell to my death, whereby HB said "that would have been equal parts terrible, and awesome..." Thanks broski
One snarky old guy walker, one angry old guy walker who refused our "good morning" advances. Two spunky and chatty lady walkers, and a good group of FIA's (that me and HB ran with for about 50 yards).
Learned a good lesson today. Give Legionnaire a task to do and it helps him stay focused. Next time, I'm going to bring him a puzzle and a coloring book.

I love and hate THJ. I would never push myself this hard without my F3 brothers out there pushing me. I just don't have the discipline to do it myself.

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