Wow! Apparently the DL themed beatdown was more popular than anticipated. 12 HIM’s showed up this morning with one goal in mind, getting off the DL and back in the gloom.

Dates: 2019-10-10

Where: safari

QIC: Westside

Number of Pax: 12

Pax Names: Dory, Banjo, Quagmire, Rest Stop, Danica, The Package, Donner Party, Miyagi, Madoff, Zillow, Chitwood, Westside00

Warm-O-Rama: Walked (no running, remember) to the light pole at the top of the stairs and circled up for:

15x Low-Impact SSH (basically the I'm a little teapot dance, thanks Chitwood)
10x Hillbillies
10x Prone Rows
10x Bent Leg Body Twists

The routine can be performed while maintaining the circle so the PAX stayed put. Since we had 12 and YHC only had 10 resistance bands the PAX were given the choice to use them or not. The exercises could be done with or without them, but using the resistance bands helps stretch your muscles out a little more. On to the routine!

The Thang: The Power 1/2 Hour
Basically, the PAX were given an exercise and would do that exercise AMRAP for 60 seconds until the song that was playing switched. YHC loaded up the 90's playlist with 30 minutes of 60-second song clips from everyone's favorite 90's bands. After the PAX completed 5 exercises, the group took a lap (mosey, walk, run) down the stairs to the front of the school and then back. The sets were:

Set 1
Squat Jab
Lateral Shuffle to the Left
Lateral Shuffle to the Right
Forward Lunges
*Take a lap*

Set 2
Hamstring Stretch Left Leg (w/ or w/o band)
Hamstring Stretch Right Leg (w/ or w/o band)
Press-up Back Extension
Bird Dog Left Leg
Bird Dog Right Leg
*Take a lap*

Set 3
Quad/Tricep Stretch Left Leg (w/ or w/o band)
Quad/Tricept Stretch Right Leg (w/ or w/o band)
Knee to Chest Left Leg
Knee to Chest Right Leg
*Take a lap*

Set 4
Al Gore
Thigh Stretch Left Leg
Thigh Stretch Right Leg
Heel Touches
*Take a lap*

Final Set
Hip Flexor Stretch Left Leg
Hip Flexor Stretch Right Leg
Lateral Leg Lift Left Leg
Lateral Leg Lift Right Leg
Super Aquamans 🙂 (Like a Superman, but basically air swimming)

Finished with 1 exercise of Mary (never-ending American Hammers by none other than Chitwood). Great finish!

COT: Name-o-rama, 6th Man (The Package), Praise, prayers, and announcements

Naked Man Moleskin: The turnout today was amazing! I really appreciate the marketing push by Quagmire and the support from the PAX all around. It was especially awesome to do a beatdown with PAX I don't normally get to see or haven't met yet. Respect to Quagmire for bringing the cold brew this morning. It was delicious. There was hot coffee as well for PAX that wanted to hang around a talk for a bit.

The mumblechatter was on point, the weather was amazing, and I think we really created something that our region needs. Spread the word gents! Don't let the DL get you down. Come out and get stronger with us so that we can get you back in the gloom with your brothers. Until next time!

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