YHC had a hard time sleeping and was not sure if it was the nerves about Qing at the Mothership or the M battling a cold and making an awful wheezing sound all night. Dory reached out a few weeks ago to see if YHC was interested in Qing the Mothership. No one can say no to Dory. Nicest guy in F3! YHC was excited because of a new workout that was going to be tried out on the PAX. YHC works with Inseam, an AlphaPax, who was telling me all about a F3 Workout Deck, so YHC had to try this out!

Dates: 2019-11-25

Where: kodiak

QIC: Rest Stop

Number of Pax: 6

Pax Names: Woody, Miyagi, Harp, Twiggy, Tebow, and Rest Stop

FNG Names: N/A

Warm-O-Rama: We started our Mosey at the Shovel Flag, moseyed to the stadium, and did a lap around the track, ending at midfield, on the Grizzly Logo, where we did the following:

Good Mornings – 10 IC
Weed Pickers – 10 IC
Imperial Walkers – 10 IC
Michael Phelps - OYO

The Thang: While doing the Michael Phelps, the PAX moseyed to the goal line near the Grizzly statue and did the following together:

1. 100 yard dash to opposite end zone, complete 100 SSHs, backwards run back to the goal line (starting point).
2. 75 yard dash, 75 Mountain Climbers (Kodiak count, of Course), backwards run back to goal line (starting point).
3. 50 yard dash, 50 LBCs, backwards run back to goal line (starting point).
4. 25 yard dash, 25 Merkins, backwards run back to goal line (starting point).

This helped warm-up the PAX on the cold, chilly morning and got us ready for the main event! The F3 DECK OF PAIN!!

We moseyed to the center of the field and split into two teams. Team #1 – Woody, Twiggy and Tebow. Team #2 – Harp, Miyagi and YHC.
Team #1 sends a player up to the Deck of Paid. Flips the first card (this will be the number of reps). Then Team # 2 called out “higher” or “lower” before the second card is flipped revealing the exercise. If Team #2 correctly guess high/low, then they won that round, and visa versa. We would flip the dealing team and calling team each round. Both teams would perform the exercise, and then the losing team would run up Metal Mountain and over, back down to the center of the field. The winning team would laugh and the losers and throw rocks. Nah, the winners would run to the goal line and back to the far goal line, finishing back at the midfield, for a total of 200 yards.

Being a loser really sucked because Metal Mountain was frozen, which made it like walking on ice. YHC thought about calling an audible, but remembered Manning having us do Raccoon crawls at the top of Metal Mountain on a much colder and frigid morning, so the PAX sucked it up! Like Tom Brady would do!

It came down to the last draw and team #1 pulling out the win and taking the Championship overall 5-4! We did not even get close to completing all the exercises, but did everything from Wojo Squats, Jump Lunges, etc. Was really looking forward to the Rosalitos, WWII Squats, and Chuck Norris Merkins…maybe next time.

With time running low, we moseyed back to the flag for about 4 minutes of Mary and Harp taking us to 6:15am!

COT: We discussed the upcoming events for Thanksgiving and the Ruck events. We also praised Woody for his event a few weeks ago and all the work he put into a successful event. He is looking for some other HIMs to join in his Etowah River plunge! Prayers for Legionnaire’s Sister and the Daughter of Tebow’s friend.

Naked Man Moleskin: Great work by everyone this morning! It was a great group the kicked the fartsack in the mouth on a cold and frosty morning. YHC had a great time this morning leading at the Mother Ship. It was good to see Twiggy back out this morning after a busy few weeks. Good work this morning! The group of PAX made things fun and the Deck of Pain seemed to go well. Rest Stop Out!

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