Wheel barrows still just suck though…

Dates: 2019-11-30

Where: wartowne

QIC: Exile

Number of Pax: 16

Pax Names: Rugburn, BOGO, Dump Truck, PowderPuff, Turtle-head, Lightning, Mile High, Sputnick, Pony Boy, Spit Valve, Hard Drive, Swap, Ice-T, Grinder, Exile,

Number of FNGs: 1

FNG Names: Maaco

Warm-O-Rama: A mosie over to a clearing for the disclaimer to be sure the new guy doesn't sue anybody and what's that? 4 young bucks who thought the league would be at hobgood today, and originally were going to leave, but then decided to jump in anyway. Sweet! let's get to it!

30 Side Straddle hops to get the blood pumping
Weed Pickers
10 excellent form merkins

The Thang: Start with a Burpee 1/2 mile
5 burpees to start then run the 1/2 mile track clock-wise with a stop at each intersection (4 more times) for 5 burpees before heading to the soccer field and mary while waiting on the 6

5 burpees + 20 yd wheel barrow + lunge back to the 0 line together.
5 burpees + 30 yd wheel barrow + lunge back to the 0 line together.
5 burpees + 40 yd wheel barrow + lunge back to the 0 line together.
Switch partners and do it all again. Also, who's terrible idea was this?!

For a quick "half-time break we'll have some fun and play leap-frog 100yds to the other end of the field. YHC made sure to remind everyone to keep their head down while in the crouched position, and then promptly forgot to follow his own advice and got crotched in the back of the head. The other guy seemed ok? (good thing we got that disclaimer out at the warm-o-rama!)

Arriving at the other end of the field we find our partners again and look, someone has left coupons staged here for us! It's a Thanksgiving weekend miracle! 😀

Abbreviated DORA - 100yds:
150 overhead press (cinder block coupon)
200 merkins (on coupon)

Time called, and we were just going to leave the coupons there, but some kids were arriving wanting to use the field and BOGO suggested we should move the coupons out of the way... so YHC decided we'll take them with us and hustle back to the SF where we have a date with the WoodShed PAX for a final activity. YHC encouraged the PAX to rotate the coupons often, a couple of the young guys synched up and partner carried a coupon and ran back to the SF at high speed. Awesome team work!

For dessert, YHC and Geek Squad had planned to finish the WarTowne / WoodShed out with a musical group activity for an air-squat Bring Sally Up. This was a piece of cake... for the first minute. By the end the 3 and a half minute song the squats were not nearly as deep as at the beginning. hahaha but it was a great way to close out the beat down!

COT: Circled up all together (WT & WS) and got to know 6th man Tundra a little better. Our FNG was EH'd by Jack Bauer (and showed some sweet battles cars from his most recent Spartan Race - got a little impatient on the ropes it seemed) and swiftly earned (hates) his new name: Maaco.

Prayers for Ice-T's family, Prayers for Sharapova's M, one other that I'm forgetting as I write this.

Naked Man Moleskin: Wheel barrows are hard. Do hard things.

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