I (Babyface) signed up to Q the 2.0 workout, but when I brought it up to T-Rex & Doodle Bug they immediately wanted to Q the workout. So what follows is all them.

Dates: 2019-06-29

Where: special_event

QIC: T-Rex & Doodle Bug

Number of Pax: 6

Pax Names: Eagle, Sandbaby, 5-0, Adamazing, Doodle Bug, & T-Rex

Number of FNGs: 2

FNG Names: 5-0 & Adamazing

Warm-O-Rama: Circle up for IC SSH, Weed Pickers, & OYO Arm Circles

The Thang: T-Rex started the show with Bear Crawl Mountain with 11's (Squats at the bottom & Merkins at the top). He led the exercises at the top and bottom of the hill, keeping everyone together. Next Doodle Bug was up with what she designed for the workout. Start with 4 burpees, run across the big field, do 5 Merkins, run back, Repeat. Finally, we broke into 2 teams for Cone Knockdown. One team knocked the cones down while teh other continuously tried to set them back up. At the end of 1 minute(ish) whoever had more up or down won, losers did 5 burpees. They did 2 rounds against each other and finished with a 3rd round of all kids against the 3 dads that were there. Dads won.

Naked Man Moleskin: Great to see the kids leading each other and running around on such an awesome morning. You guys should really try this out with your kids

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