Rucking in the gloom with Cousteau

Dates: 2019-05-16

Where: riviera

QIC: Chops

Number of Pax: 2

Pax Names: Cousteau, Chops

Warm-O-Rama: It's a ruck... no warm-o-rama, but YHC did touch the toes to stretch the back a little

The Thang: YHC thought he was gonna be rucking alone, but luckily PAX brother Cousteau came whipping in. He answered my invitation! Right ON! Before his arrival YHC thought other PAX were arriving when seeing two cars approach, but turns out two older ladies beat us to the gloom. They rendezvous for a 5a Boling walking track lap BD... YOU GO LADIES. Cousteau and YHC made a lap around the baseball field lot to keep an eye out for late arrivals... none. So we ventured onto the walking track upper path via the vehicle access gate. One big lap around to the very back of the park, stopping periodically for some ruck sack PT (squats, dips, etc). On our route we passed the walking ladies, and exchanged hellos. They've seen us before so they appear to be warming to our presence ITG. About 1/2 way back on the river side of the walking track we took of the packs for some overhead presses... the ladies past us then and never saw them again... they got their laps in. Headed back by the vehicles to walk the Boling drive, and Cousteau considered calling it there at the vehicles, but pushed on for a trip down the driveway. YHC was gonna take Cousteau up the CHS back drive for a tour of the boiling turd factory, but either Cousteau was wise, or he'd got his fill so we turned back before the elevation, and did a quick COT. YHC waved Cousteau and farewell, and continued back down the drive, and up the CHS elevation, around past the turd boiler, and back down & around to the back corner of the drive. Since the light was coming up, and the large wooden rails offered a nice place to angle a phone camera, YHC snapped some selfies in action for promotion of the Riviera. Finally back to the vehicle a few min after scheduled endex.

COT: Thanks for a good morning of workout.

Naked Man Moleskin: Many men in F3 are accelerating their fitness, and thus want more challenging BDs. YHC applauds those efforts with great respect. But, YHC recalls the Sad Clown 307lb, 46yr old disaster that he was just a short time ago. He wants to avail a BD option for the moderate pace/early health transformation PAX. This morning was a first triumph in that mission. Cousteau, like YHC, has a moderate pace and has to orchestrate participation to correlate to his current abilities. This morning was a perfect example of the vision of the Riviera. YHC has committed to a season of offering this option to the men of Cherokee County. Thank you Cousteau for posting and challenging yourself at the Rattlesnake Riviera!

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