Biscuit destination, cooler, netting, conduit poles, 8 PAX… let’s do the cooler ruck challenge at the Riviera!

Dates: 2019-06-26

Where: rattlesnake_riviera

QIC: Chops

Number of Pax: 8

Pax Names: Aquaman, AOL, Gotti, Einstein, Dixie Chick, Haas, Cousteau, Chops

Warm-O-Rama: No Warm-O-Rama lap around the baseball parking lot this morning, and the one morning we don't do it we have a crew of late arrivals.

The Thang: This morning was the Cooler Ruck challenge. YHC cobbled together the necessary elements, and Slack'd the rucking channels yesterday for heads up invitation. I knew of at least 4, maybe 5 that were gonna show.

After an evening coordination with AOL, YHC was up early for the quick inbound for preruck setup. Swing by Racetrac and pickup ice, then drive down to Boling to drop off all the elements, followed by blazing out of park and dropping off empty SUV at EndEx to allow for clowcar back to StartEx. AOL & Gotti meet YHC at EndEx (Hardees in Canton), and upon arrival back at Boling Aquaman is waiting, and Einstein rolls in.

We situate the full cooler (water, OJ, V8, sodas of cheerwine, dr pepper, grape cola, and ice) on a cargo net and weave two conduit poles thru the netting creating a cradle for the cooler. 4 PAX pickup on the poles and determine that it's not that heavy. Off we go onto the walking track. We head down the right side of the track when someone suggests additional arrivals were visible in the parking lot. YHC considers it mumblechatter and shrugs off a turn-around as time is factor for EndEx to accommodate working men's schedules.

5 PAX travel the full length of both Boling park walking track loops switching the 5th man periodically. Einstein and Aquaman swap packs for a bit to share a feel for the GoRuck Rucker. Upon our trek back toward the entrance portion of the walking track we spot two... make that 3 ruckers! It's Dixie Chick, Haas and Cousteau! 5:15a StartEx always throws PAX off, however Cousteau claims we started early (NOT). All join together and we now have a full 8 man crew.

We head back down Boling park drive, up the sidewalk in front of Canton Armory, shift over into driveway of Cherokee High, and then onto the sidewalk again headed down into the hamlet of Canton's fast food restaurant district. PAX switch in/out of the carry periodically, and we work on making transitions without stopping. Finally we spot YHC's SUV, give some consideration to J-Walking, but looking at needed mileage and considering safety we continue on to corner crosswalk, cross the intersection, trek across CVS nice front lawn, and drop cooler at back of YHC's SUV about 10min over.

YHC offers biscuits to the PAX, first let's setup tripod & take a photo, rush in and grab a few biscuits to go, load everyone into the SUV (8 men with rucks + weight made the vehicle drive a little fishy), then back to StartEx. Pop open cooler and enjoy.

COT: No specific COT, but we did talk throughout the ruck, and safe travels to Cousteau while in Yellowstone, as well as for Einstein's M for understanding in his love for rucking.

Naked Man Moleskin: Had much anxiety hoping we didn't go overtime too much to accomplish this challenge. Worked out relatively perfectly again. Thanks SkyQ. Rucking bros are salt of the earth. Willing to carry the load, enjoy some conversation, and work together. 8 is my largest group at the Riviera so YHC is thinking more patches is the answer! After seeing that rabbit on the walking track... I am thinking maybe I should have called it the Rabbit Riviera... not nearly as tough sounding.

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