It’s been called many four letter words before by many a PAX at The Hurt Locker, yet thanks to @Floppy for introducing me to this place called “Easy Mountain” many months ago at The Vet (aka THL). Let’s tackle this mountain, hill or slight incline.

Dates: 2019-07-08

Where: hurt_locker

QIC: Yogi

Number of Pax: 6

Pax Names: Bloodhound, Fudd, Pitchfork, Rest Stop, Earhart, Yogi

Warm-O-Rama: - Weed Pickers x 10
- Imperial Walkers x 10
- Annies OYO
- Merkins x 10

The Thang: Mosey to sidewalk around green area. Route 66 w/ Merkins. Run to sidewalk to 1st tree, perform 2 merkins, run to next tree, perform 4 merkins, etc. etc. Only God knows how many merkins we did on this route.

Mosey to Big Boy flag at monument. Split up and use 5 columns for 5 branches of military for B.O.M.B.S. 10 reps each letter. Complete 10 reps of B, lunge CCW to next column, Complete 10 reps of O, duck walk to next column, etc. etc. until back to your original column. Air Chair against column waiting on six to finish out.

Easy Mountain Suck It 11's. Mosey to base of Easy Mountain, 10 burpees, run/jog/walk/crawl/drag yourself etc. back up the summit of Easy Mountain and do 1 lunge. Back down to base of Easy Mountain and 9 burpees, Rinse and Repeat. Completed 4 rounds.

Lt. Dans back on main road towards flag. YHC screwed up the count here but I believe we got 4 rounds in.

Bloodhound leads us in flutter kicks for a MARY.

COT: Prayers for Bloodhound mother-in-law.
Prayers for Mason, Babyface's 2.0

Naked Man Moleskin: I was reminded on the Easy Mountain run how this can be a difficult time with the 2.0's and M trying to get through the last leg of summer and trying to stay sane without killing each other (or me). Take a step back, a deep breathe and enjoy the moment with the 2.0's and the M. Do something special and intentional for your M this week.

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