Instructions: 1. Music 2. Over 2 Miles 3. A Theme. Today we brought Stranger Things to Crossroads. And it was strange. Let’s start with 80’s garb, including a Pac-Man shirt (Rest Stop), a “Made in the 80’s” shirt (Westside), a York Barbell Club T-shirt with Falcons Tube Socks (guess who), a Headband (Yogi, or is this a regular thing), and YHC with cut-up Norcross High Cross Country shirt from 1987 (Go Blue Devis!). There was even a Hawkins Lab Shirt sighting in the CoT, and Eggo’s courtesy of Quaggy P, along some excellent Coffee from Babyface and LuckyCharms. Plus a huge Bluetooth Speaker from Einstein for the 80’s music. And we can’t forget… 2 really strange masked PAX/FNG’s/Random dudes that joined the beatdown from a distance, then disappeared. Talk about a surprise plan gone wrong…

Dates: 07/12/2019

Where: crossroads

QIC: Floppy

Number of Pax: 17

Pax Names: LuckyCharms, Rest Stop, Lively, Einstein, Pitchfork, Westside, Aquaman, Ma Bell, Quagmire, Babyface, Kiffin, Twiggy, Carmen SanDiego, Misty, Yogi, Cricket, Floppy

Warm-O-Rama: 0530 MOSEY over to the back parking lot

Today is about changing it up, so....
13x Goofballs
13x Copperhead Merkins
13x Gorilla Humpers
OYO Michael Phelps

The Thang: From the back parking lot:

Stranger Thang 1:
10 BBSUs, 1 Merkin
Then 9,2... 8,3 and so on
Take a LAP around the parking lot

Stranger Thang 2:
Demogorgon Crawl (Bear Crawl) across parking lot Curb to Curb
Craw Bear back to first curb
Take a LAP

Mosey over to the Playgrounds & Basketball Court

Stranger Thang 3:
Basketball Court Burpicides (thank you @C4)
Suicides with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Burpees
Rinse and REPEAT
Take a LAP around the playground fences

Stranger Thang 4:
In the grass by the court...
25x Flayer Supermans
Army Crawl to Curb
Bear Crawl Back

Mosey back to the main Parking Lot

Stranger Thang 5:
50 SSH
Broad Jumps (Hops) to 1st Lamp Post
Take a LAP

Stranger Thang 6:
30 sec Balls to the Wall
30 sec Donkey Kicks
Take a LAP

Mosey over to the front of school

Stranger Thang 7:
Russian Merkins? That just sounds weird.
Russion PUSHUPS in cadence.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
Hold for 5 second at top after each set
1 rep, HOLD, 2 reps, HOLD... up to 10 Reps
Take a LAP

Stranger Thang 8:
25x Mike Tysons (we skipped these, arms were toast)
25x Iron Mikes (Jump Lunges)
Run back to the FLAG

Finished in time for 3 MoM called out by various PAX

COT: Several announcements of upcoming events on Slack, including Chattanooga Ruck, Sawnee Mtn Race, Friday night 5K and 2ndF at Reformation, F3 Cherokee GrowRuck, Spartans. Hit up Slack!
A little light on prayer requests which is a praise in and of itself, but hit 3rd F channel for some recent requests from PAX.
Praise for Babyface's 2.0 Mason who is recovering well from infection last weekend.

Naked Man Moleskin: Crossroads becoming a favorite for YHC. Actually, you wanna know my favorite? There are 36 of them across Cherokee every week. Go GET SOME!

Don't know who the 2 masked maniacs were (yes I do) but they run without moving their arms so that's cool? And they were spotted later loitering in a jeep, don't ask, don't tell. 😱🚙

Pitchfork drinking F3 from a firehose! (Literally, I heard over the weekend). WELCOME BRO!!! ⫚

Quagmire with the Floppy Eggo's... and the ants for extra protein... but with coffee it was the best waffle I had all morning. 🐜 ☕️

Kiffin hanging in there on one knee and a humongous Quadricep. Well just one of the Ceps. Guess that's a Unicep? 🦵🏻

YHC tried on the old 80's track shirt... NO! that did not fit not even close. Had to go with Plan B the 80's cutoff. 🎽

LuckyCharms with the callout "Where the hell is Dory with breakfast?" Haha how quickly the world owes us something that existed only a few days ago?!! ☘️

Have you seen Louis CK's "Everything is amazing and nobody is happy". The 80's were a simpler time... when I was a kid we had a rotary phone you had to stand next to. You're making SPARKS! And if you had 2 zeros in your number nobody wanted to call you.

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