YHC was received with mixed reviews when all was said and done. Short mosey, 2 Warm-ups, and…Coupons. What on Earth is happening. You guys just hitched your wagon to a horse with no legs.

Dates: 2019-09-09

Where: wicked_witch

QIC: Westside

Number of Pax: 15

Pax Names: Hombre, Homeboy, Haggis, Katniss, Quagmire, Garfield, Kiffin, Almost, Manning, Gandhi, Ma Bell, Cricket, Floppy, Westside, Double D

Number of FNGs: 1

FNG Names: Double D

Warm-O-Rama: Just before startex YHC handed out the coupons which were pain sticks. Coupons at the Witch are not well received. This was only made worse by the shortest Mosey in the history of the Witch just on the other side of the entrance. Already off to a good start. Circled up for:

10x Windmills
10x Weed Pickers
10x Copperhead Squats (w/ coupon)

Warm-up Round 2:

PAX ran down to a glowstick YHC had placed and back and then performed:

10x Overhead Pain Stick Lunges (5x per leg)
10x Glute Bridges (Pain Stick held overhead)
25x Bar Jumps over Pain Stick

Rinse and repeat 2 more times. Now the beatdown can start

The Thang: Moseyed down the main trail to the parking bench in front of the blue trail. Held for the 6. Took the blue trail down the terrible hill (you're welcome) and around to where the blue trail meets the yellow trail. Again, held for the 6. Took the yellow trail across the river and up the hill to the pull-up bars. Had the group split into partner teams. The next routine was

Partner 1:
8x Squat Jumps
8x Burpees
8x Leg Lifts on Pull-up bar

Partner 2:
Hold Pain sticks over head until Partner 1 completes

Once both partners have completed the exercises, they took a lap down the yellow trail to the nature sign that read Erosion (approx. 1/4 mile) and back. Rinsed and repeated this routine until we ran short on time. Took the yellow trail all the way back to the parking lot and circled up for some Mary to finish out the morning. YHC included the Chitwood special (Rowers) and they sucked just as much the 2nd time.

COT: Name-o-rama, 6th man (Garfield), FNG (Double D), praises and prayers

Naked Man Moleskin: What can I say? You gave me the keys to the kingdom and I definitely delivered a much different beatdown at the Witch. Not sure I'll be invited back to Q anytime soon though.

I used to fear the Witch because I hate being the 6 (today wasn't much different). However, I've come to realize that being the 6 at the Witch is the equivalent of being in the top 20% at any other beatdown. It provides the harshest of terrains and elevations that definitely push PAX beyond their comfort zone and I think that's why I keep coming back.

Notable moments this morning include:

- Mumblechatter right off the bat. Really enjoyed that
- Kasey dropping a steamy deuce right behind Gandhi during the warm-up
- Another deuce dropped behind Garfield during the 2nd Warm-up. The perpetrator was unidentified
- During the run portion on the yellow trail Katniss completely gassed Garfield to the point that I thought he was going to merlot. It was so rank that it was still there when we passed on the way back
- The random shoe. Still a topic of discussion on the way out

Love you men and look forward to many more mornings in the gloom at the The Witch. Gotta earn that T-shirt!

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