With Babyface looking for a Q this week and his fantasy football team cheating to beat mine, I knew I would need to go ahead and step up to Q the Safari. YHC was looking forward to Qing at a different AO, especially it being where my 2.0 attends. It was good to see Westside and Quagmire post as well, since YHC does not get a change to post with them too often! Time to get to work!

Dates: 2019-10-03

Where: safari

QIC: Rest Stop

Number of Pax: 3

Pax Names: Quagmire, Westside, & Rest Stop

FNG Names: N/A

Warm-O-Rama: Each PAX picked up a Cinderella from the truck, did a short mosey to the top of the stairs between the parking lot, dropped off the Cinderellas, and kept moseying. We moseyed down the lower parking lot, ran the long loop, and back up the stairs. We “triangled” up and did the following:

Good Mornings – 10 IC
Weed Pickers – 10 IC
Imperial Walkers – 10 IC
Michael Phelps - OYO

The Thang: On the Upper Parking lot, we started with a Parking Line Plank Merkin Indian Run. The PAX got on a parking line, planking while the last PAX did 5 merkins, then sprinted to the front of the line, running past the planking PAX. We continued this until we got the last parking spot in front of the concession stand. We could have probably completed more of these, but YHC knew we needed to get started on the main event. Next time, we’ll do the entire parking lot!

We moseyed to the Cinderellas, where YHC explained the next routine. With a Cinderella in hand, the PAX did 100 Derkins, 200 Overhead Press, and 300 Curls. After 50 reps, run down the steps, and do a lap around the long loop. This was a lot harder with the 35 plus pound blocks, especially when we got to the Overhead Press. After the 150th Overheard Press, we ran the short loop and with time running short, we ran down the stairs to the gym entrance and back when doing the Curls. With it almost 6:15am, we stopped at 150 Curls. Quagmire and Westside made it look easy and pushed YHC. With such a small group, you cannot hide!

COT: We discussed the upcoming Spartan and Bear races this weekend and the October 19th FIA/F3/Family Convergence at The Hurt Locker. Prayers from Earhart as his M is due this today with their 1st 2.0 and Prayers for Silverado’s M. We also prayed for those unspoken request.

Naked Man Moleskin: It was a pleasure to work out this AM with Westside and Quagmire. Small groups are fun because you can have some good conversations and try to pace your self with HIMs faster and stronger. Also, enjoyed working out at the Safari for the 1st time and will try to get out there more. There are lot of options with the large parking lots, stairs, and baseball fields. There is also a Waffle House close for 2nd F. Enjoyed it this morning! Rest Stop out!

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