My hand is between two pillows…those aren’t pillows!!!

Dates: 2019-07-10

Where: kodiak

QIC: Panhandle

Number of Pax: 20

Pax Names: Ferry, Promise Ring, Twiggy, Joker, Pookie, Bo Peep, Miyagi, Swisher, Bloomers, Beaver, Piggy Wiggly, Banjo, Shotgun, Playdough, Tebow, Babyface, Voodoo, Ghandi,

Number of FNGs: 1

FNG Names: Spooner

Warm-O-Rama: Mosey, turn around for latecomers - get yelled at by Swisher and Babyface for going back for the FNG, Q being a HIM, PAX nagging, ensue the angry Qing
Drill Instructors (on your feet, on your face, down, up, on your six)
5 Merkins
20 SSH
10 Merkins
10 WPs
15 Merkins
20 Merkins
sun gods

The Thang: Mosey to field behind middle school
Drill Instructors
Frisbears - 20 rounds

Go to cone stations - Bronson Johnson (modified from Charles Bronson)
10 Pax at each station
- Do exercise at first cone, bear crawl to second, exercise, bear crawl to third, exercise, low (army) crawl to first again
First two cones roughly 25 yds apart, cone 1 & 3 are about 20 yds
1st round - 25 tuck jumps
2nd round - 20 star jumps
3rd round - 15 smurf jacks
SSH hop for the 6 on each round, then drill instructors each round before beginning again

2 field sprints
Mosey to flag
Mary until 0615
Swisher Dying Cockroach x20
Tebow Box Cutters x15
Pookie LBCs x15
Bo Peep Crunch Frog x15

COT: Prayers for Ghandi's M and mother in law, for Voodoo's M - broken ankle, for Tebow's 2.0 who just started basic training

Naked Man Moleskin: Great morning at the Kodiak, stopped by to hand off the Morning Wood flag to Misty that was carelessly left by Garfield and Drumstick at Dupree
Babyface and Swisher were bringing the sarcastic comments to level 11 this morning, saying YHC's speaker looked like a purse with its shoulder strap...not all of us are cool enough to have an obama box ok?
Swisher thinks Foo Fighters are the same as Red Hot Chili there is that
Bloomers is still killing it, I swear that man gives 100% every time and is getting faster and faster - also he throws a mean frisbee
Promise Ring still bear crawls faster than everyone with a broken wrist - so yeah, one handed, he looks like a freaking CGI character out there - never seen it, but from the preview he bear crawls like that dude from Glass...the Beast? look up the preview of him hauling across a field, that is PRing all the way
Only one frisbee catch this morning (though some pretty awesome dives), but will say people actually tried throwing it, unlike last time at Paragon where it went 5 yds and everyone thought that was just dandy...speaking of which, anyone seen Dandy? Miss that dude
Sometimes great names just happen, as it did this morning for our FNG. Great to hear he is planting a church and solid story he gave, but gold always happens with embarrassing stories. Playdough shared how he got "spooned" by him during a trip - Spooner stuck quicker than plastic wrap to hot car in the summer (that works right? Sure).
Bo Peep EH'd Pookie to drive 20 min to the Kodiak this morning, not sure they will go out of their way for me again, but here's hoping!!
Pumped to see Swisher out there getting after it again - even with his lack of FF knowledge
Babyface declared his hatred for YHC at the end of the beatdown...all is right in the world

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