You know it is a good one when the Q even wants to merlot at some point. Brought back one of the worst Q’s YHC ever did to the PAX at the Paragon. And made it worse. Not surprisingly, the PAX at the Paragon barely blinked an eye and rose to the challenge like heroes.

Dates: 2019-06-20

Where: paragon

QIC: Panhandle

Number of Pax: 14

Pax Names: Back Seat Boy, Woody, Elvis, Garfield, Ball Boy, Bayside, Beer Proof, Almost, Orphan, Panhandle, Bo Peep, Nomad, Aquaman, Jackalope

Warm-O-Rama: Good Mornings x5
MMPs x10
High Knees/Ass Kickers/Run in Place
Mosey to field

The Thang: Mosey around track, add in Karaoke
Spartan Ladder:
1 Spartan (sprint 100 yds, do 10 merkins)
10 Jump Squats
2 Spartans (sprint 200 yds, 20 merkins)
20 Jumping Lunges
3 Spartans (sprint 200 yds, 20 merkins, sprint 100 yds, 10 merkins)
30 4ct Monkey Humpers (60)
4 Spartans (sprint 200 yds, 20 merkins, sprint 200 yds, 20 merkins)
40 Box Jumps on bleachers
50 Star Jumps
5 Spartans (sprint 200 yds, 20 merkins, sprint 300 yds, 30 merkins)
Add another Spartan for good measure
60 4ct SSHs (120)

Frisbears - 14 throws, sprint to frisbee until it lands, bear crawl after - can finish sprint if a PAX catches it

Mosey to track
Spin Cycle:
Run forward 1/4 track
Run backward to starting point
R&R 5 times

Mosey to flag
SSHs for the 6 and then 20 more for good measure

COT: Prayers for Dump Truck and Wiggum
July 4th Convergence
3rd F opportunity this Saturday with HopeQuest - Smurfette is coordinating

Naked Man Moleskin: Last Qtr Q for YHC - wanted to make it difficult, but return to some good exercises that YHC loves/hates
Spartan Ladder was definitely harder than expected, will for sure use it again. Maybe we can make it to 10 if that is all we did?
Extremely proud of the PAX for stepping up like they did, F3 guys really are the best. Complaining was minimal, but everyone drove hard.
Elvis came out for one of his first beatdowns and we did 20 Spartans straight up. My man is miles ahead of when he was first posting. Cool to see you finish hard, giving 100%.
Aquaman gave me a end piece to a pool noodle this there's that
Garfield is a beast when sprinting, as was whoever was on his right, probably Nomad.
Bayside killed the sprints too.
Bo Peep posted for the second time today, and did a great job keeping up and pushing through the pain.
Garfield kept griping that we were on a number higher than what we were, so YHC obliged and added Star Jumps in the 4th round. 40 star jumps suck...really suck...
Then Garfield threw the frisbee straight up and back to the PAX during frisbears. YHC yelled at him to rethrow it and got called an angry dad by Almost. Or maybe Woody...? Who knows, some other skinny PAX on the other side of the huddle. May need to add a 20 yd minimum throw requirement.
Nomad almost had the best catch of the morning, diving and sliding to catch the frisbee. Looked pretty but dropped it.
Almost catches the frisbee with no effort. Then did a short throw, claiming he was too tired to throw further...right...Mr. Ultimate Frisbee was too tired...sure, whatever.
Garfield tried to do his best Nomad impression with a diving catch, but rolled and probably tore up his skin on the turf doing so. Still, looked impressive.
It has been a lot of fun being the Qtr Q for the best AO in F3. Looking forward to the next PAX stepping up to Qtr Q!

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