Just me… but my route crossed path with a EH

Dates: 2019-07-10

Where: rattlesnake_riviera

QIC: Chops

Number of Pax: 1

Pax Names: Chops

Warm-O-Rama: Waiting on any PAX to show at back of hatch open SUV. Pretty freakin dark and no lights shining on the trees to indicate approaching cars. Slip 30lb GoRuck expert plate into GoRuck 20L rucker weight pocket, open hatch on Pelican case & place new iPhone Xs inside, slide that into dry sack, fold over, and finally slip gloves into main compartment. Place Nalgene bottle in molle water bottle holder, zip up pack, and sling on the back. Loop around CHS baseball lot to await an potential stragglers... none. 😐

The Thang: Decided on a slightly more urban tour. Down Boling drive, scurry out of the path of Waste Managment truck, see commuters assembling at rendezvous point, watch commuters loading onto bus headed to city, up driveway into, then right onto Marietta hwy, crossed Etowah River bridge, up incline past bridge feeling cars and heavy vehicles hauling ass down Marietta Hwy (hope nobody is super sleepy and runs onto sidewalk), up into dinky shopping strip lot, back onto sidewalk in front of Williamson Bro's BBQ (crossties for retaining wall have rotted and fallen onto sidewalk... does their management know...). Cross Williamson Bro's parking lot, up toward larger shopping center. Bustling down near the Racetrac so continue on, dodge next commuter bus arriving which apparently holds out in shopping parking lot until time to pickup, head behind Racetrac, decide to walk directly in front of Racetrac for marketing, see a familiar face in a car.. it's Matt at 20's guy I know from Bridgemill... he recognizes me, gets out of his car, and we chat about his work, welding, in Cartersville, and me rucking from Boling. Conclude brief conversation and back onto sidewalk in front of Enterprise rental. Tons of traffic pouring off I-575 ramp headed onto Hwy 20. Keep on rucking, back down long hill, cross the Etowah river bridge again, then left into Boling. Photo opp at Boling Park sign, dodge the 6a commuter bus, back down Boling drive. Keeping good pace back toward back of park where vehicle is awaiting. Notice a few folks stretching at walking track so even though past end time, no pressure, decide to make a walking track loop. After about 20 paces realize I'd like to feel walking in water, so deviate path into higher grass off interior edge of path, each step loads my socks/shoes with dew, full lap and feet are soaked. Back to truck and 3.75 miles have been rucked. Yessir!

COT: Prayers answered to have my house back (family staying with me found a new home)

Naked Man Moleskin: I think I do better when I do stuff alone (maybe screwed up, sad clown mentality here). My pace felt fast, and on point, plus my self delusion is one of grandeur when not comparing myself to other men's physical capability and realizing that I wouldn't sniff at competing in a normal demographic... ah whatever... blah blah blah... just do the work. Need to figure out how to EH other men in surrounding communities, gotta make RR more fun so more PAX will showup.

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