Over the fields, and thru the school… to Boiling Park we shall go

Dates: 2019-08-21

Where: rattlesnake_riviera

QIC: Chops

Number of Pax: 6

Pax Names: AOL, Boomerang, Gotti, Cousteau, Zissou, Chops

Warm-O-Rama: Mention of the F3 Mission, creedo, and principals. Ruck on to ruck over the grassy field and around to the field behind the back of the CHS baseball field for some PT. Squats, Lunges, maybe planks or merkins and seems like some other stuff... can't remember.

The Thang: Continue on thru the shadows and grass of the CHS field below the track. Up onto the elevation of the rear CHS drive. Right onto the section of red lot that has a mural. Continue on around the turd boiler. Up thru the upper red lot past the football field house and around the corner of the field. Right turn onto a sidewalk/breezeway that cuts thru the school (cube land). Exit onto front of CHS, and make our way over to the traffic light that crosses Marietta Hwy. Scurry across the hwy, head down the sidewalk past Brewster's, old Sonic now rental car joint, and past old gym now Marshall's office. Continue on down the sidewalk on side of hwy, turn right into Bowling alley driveway. Right onto spooky road that leads into woods. At deadend fork turn right onto rut path around edge of fenced water treatment small building. Under Marietta Hwy bridge, and exit back into Boling lot where commuters are gathering to catch bus.

Fellow we saw in a suit walking down other side of Marietta Hwy was waiting for bus on the curb. A "hello", and mention that we were exercising allowed for a response of "Oh... I wondered". Other PAX inquired and he mentioned he was headed downtown for an interview. Clearly an important day if he had to walk to catch the bus, so Gotti I think asked his first name. We recalled that at COT. Other riders were assembling and cars coming in hot as athletes getting into school or track areas so we continue on. Hug the edge of the parking lot, then onto sidewalks, following crosswalks, and ultimately arrive back at vehicles on the money 6:15a.

COT: Counter-a-rama, Name-a-rama, Prayers for the commuter fellow for his job, thoughts for AOL's son crashing dirt bike into mom's Cadillac SUV.

Naked Man Moleskin: Boling park is a jekyll and hyde. Sewerage treatment is horrid, but so much goodness is in the area. Always enjoy a good group of PAX showing up, and really enjoy seeing the 2.0's be hungry to attend. They bonded on this outing and had to be reeled in by pop's otherwise they would have gone out of sight. That was a good opportunity to explain Leave No Man Behind, but Leave No Man Where you Find Him.

That fellow waiting on the commuter bus reminds YHC of a time when I was in similar situation. In my situation I had recently been laid off from amazing job at Yahoo, fat income dropped to ZERO, still spending money like it grew on trees (in horror), marriage broken, court & lawyer fees killing me, battling for custody, worried about kids & my future... climbing on a commuter bus to ride into Atlanta for a 1 mile stroll past nightclub litter into a residential loft for work at a fledgling startup... NOT the highlight of my career. But that time gave me a baseline to climb out of. HOPE THAT DUDE GETS THE NEXT STEP IN CAREER HE NEEDS cause I been there.

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