Pie Bar: Who has the Q today?

Hartford: chuckles

Pie Bar: It’s not me is it?

Hartford: Yes, it’s you

Dates: 2019-10-22

Where: lions_den

QIC: Pie Bar

Number of Pax: 13

Pax Names: Brady Bunch, Ice T, Yukon Cornelius, Rugburn, Lucky Charms, Fleetwood, Hartford, Swap, Pie Bar, Turtle Head, Pop Up, Hard Drive

Number of FNGs: 1

FNG Names: Big Top

Warm-O-Rama: Mosey to bottom of drive in front of FMS, next to Bells Ferry: 10 SSH's; 10 weed pickers; 10 imperial walkers; 20 merkins; sun gods OYO.

The Thang: Burpback Mountain: Partner up. Partner 1 runs backward up hill and forward down 3 times. Partner 2 does burpees. Flapjack. Go until first two teams reached 75 collective burpees.

Mosey up long hill all the way across AO to grassy knoll in front of Liberty. 11's w/ mountain climbers at bottom and monkey humpers at top.

Here comes the rain.

Plank for the six.

Partner up. Partner 1 bear crawls up grass knoll and runs back down. Partner 2 performs big boy sit ups. Flapjack. Then do same thing but with squats. Then same thing but with side straddle hops.

Line up for Indian run to coupon stash in the woods - all out sprint by everyone for last 50 yards.

Partner up with each PS having one coupon. Partner 1 does combination of bicep curls and tri extensions with block. Partner 2 sprints to playground, performs 20 dips. Sprints back. Flapjack. Then do same thing for second round, but performing squats with coupons and box jumps at playground.

Mosey long way back to "flag"

2 minutes of Mary: Mike Tysons; Charlie's Angels

10 burpees for the unexplained shovel flag absence.

COT: 6th man: Yukon Cornelius talked of how F3 has impacted his life and he has lost almost 20 pounds!

FNG: named "Big Top" because he unicycles at Blankets Creek

Prayers: for healing for those who are ill and are grieving; thanks for camaraderie and for bringing out Big Top

Naked Man Moleskin: Comments and questions:

Shout out to Swap for EH'ing sad clowns. First at War Towne on Saturday and then again today. He is on a roll!

Fleetwood has been on Blackhawk time lately. Today he rolled in hot at 5:29:45 like he just got his driver's license WITHOUT the shovel flag. BUT, he of course had time to put gel in his hair!

Speaking of, where has Blackhawk been?

Does Chops work out at Lions Den any more? (he does not)

Does Odd Job work out at Lions Den any more? (he does not)

When will Hartford come out in his full sweat suit? Temps have already dipped below 70 so I am surprised he hasn't worn it yet.

Will Pop Up suffer a heart attack by reason of waking up at 5:25 a.m. and not drinking any water before the workout? (likely)

If the Jets ever become a real NFL football team, will Ice T have any shirts left to wear? (rhetorical - the Jets will never resemble a real NFL team so Ice T's wardrobe is safe)

Are there any horse socks?

Is anybody listening to me?

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