Oh yeah raccoon crawl, no better place than the clinic.

Dates: 2019-08-28

Where: clinic

QIC: Trill

Number of Pax: 15

Pax Names: Brad Pitt, Pookie, Flow, Space Jam, Squirtel, Daddy Daycare, Homer, Spaceballs, Hard Hittin, Yukon Cornelius, Narco, Doddy, Daper Dan, Exile, Trill

Warm-O-Rama: Mosey around field to the stage
Sun gods OYO
10 weed pickers IC
5 burpees (6-count) IC

The Thang: -Raccoon Crawl down the length of the layer cake walls from top wall to the bottom
-Single hop or bunny hop up each stair and mosey to the other side of the layer cake walls
-on the walls 10 incline merkins IC, 10 dips IC, 10 derkins IC, rinse and repeat
-11's starting at bottom of the walls with 10 leg raises, scale the walls and complete 1 big boi sit-up, back down for 9 leg raises and up for 2 big boi's and so on until you hit 1 leg raise and 10 big boi's. Amrap big boi's on the six.
-another round of 10 incline merkins IC, 10 dips IC, 10 derkins IC.
-down to the field for the LEXI, single-leg hop across center field from sidewalk to sidewalk, switch leg and come back. Rinse and repeat.
-to the stage for Johnny Cash, while in circle YHC starts with 10 mountain climbers and passes to PAX on left while all PAX hold plank until mountain climbers make it back around. Second round, superman punches while PAX hold superman pose, made it half way around before time ran out.

COT: Prayers for Aiden and family (Woodstock high schooler who was paralyzed)
Prayers for the men of F3 and Spaceballs continued recovery
6th man was Daddy Daycare

Naked Man Moleskin: -Legendary Spaceballs back in action, still making fashion statements I see as he pulled up wearing one tall sock and one short. Even coming off the DL the HIM still crushed us on scaling the walls / 11's; after-all he knows that amphitheater better than all of us, I think he ninja'd his way up and down.
-Spaceballs has some serious ups leaping up the walls
-Raccoon crawls are getting easier every time I do them (the first couple of times was hell); still a tough one until you do it a lot. The PAX just stared at it at first like "is he seriously crawling on the ledges"
-The LEXI, one leg is tough and gets the heart racing; Exile looked like a cat on a Pogo stick high on catnip, this guy sprung through the one-leg hop!
-6 count burpee inspired by the convergence, tough to do fast but great focus on form and works well as a warm-up exercise.
-Shared the love on derkins, dips, incline merkins; IC count led by Spaceballs, Doddy, Exile, Yukon Cornelius, Daddy Daycare, and Flow, as well as YHC.

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