“Wait I thought we were doing overhead carries….Why is YHC carrying it on his head…”

Dates: 2019-07-25

Where: safari

QIC: Aisle 7

Number of Pax: 7

Pax Names: Westside, Banjo, Wham O, Cricket, Quagmire, Babyface, Aisle 7

Warm-O-Rama: Quick mosey around parking lot.
SSH- 15
Son Gods- OYO
Michael Phelps- OYO

The Thang: Sandbag Relay
YHC brought (2) 50 lbs sandbags and (2) 40 lbs. Ammo cans to be used for different carries.
PAX line up for a sandbag relay. The relay consist of six different 50lbs sandbag carries or 40lbs ammo can carries and six different PT’s.
PAX 1 carries the sandbag(s) from light post to light post and back (Distance - felt like 100 yards) while the others did the listed PT and returned to relay the sandbag to the next PAX. The relay continued until all PAX had performed all sandbag carries. PT was to be done while each person completed each sand bag carry.
Sandbag Relay- 1 round

SB Carries PT
1 Suitcase Merkins
2 Bearhug Reverse Lunge
3 Shoulder American Hammers
4 Cradle Mtn Climbers
5 Farmer Carry Atl. Shoulder Taps
6 Overhead w/ Ruck Up and Overs w/ ruck

COT: Prayers for the health of family members and any unspoken prayers.

Naked Man Moleskin: Today’s objective was to continue preparing for GrowRuck and getting use to toting a weighted ruck while carrying heavier items in different positions. Oh and performing different PT exercises with weighted rucks. A common theme in a Goruck Tough event is a “warmup party”. The warm up consist of 45mins – 60 mins of PT with weighted ruck and then 12 hours of fun begins.

YHC had the idea that the more PAX the better. While one person was carrying the sandbag others would perform PT until all had completed the SB carry and then move to the next carry.
Safari had an awesome (7) in the gloom this morning and we were able to complete (1) solid round of the sandbag relay and PT. Next time, two groups may be better to complete additional rounds.
There was lots of fun mumble chatter this morning. Due to time the last round we all did ruck overhead carry as a group and finished with up and overs with the ruck until time.
I’m still laughing about the last bit of mumble chatter. “Wait I thought we were doing overhead carries….Why is YHC carrying it on his head…” In 45 mins my arms were done! Don’t neglect the arms...

Each AO I attend I continue to see guys killing it no matter what it is. Great job today men!

-Aisle 7

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