We put the band together for a great ruck! Met at the amphitheater at 2100 and rucked out, picked up Chops at the top of the hill. Something about a lady friend making him late!

YHC had a new route planned to take us into some new places we’d never ventured–West of 575 south of Towne Lake. As always, an adventure awaited.

Dates: 2019-07-10

Where: woodstockrucks

QIC: Gut Check

Number of Pax: 6

Pax Names: Hooch, Hass, Chops, Geek Squad, Red Hat, Gut Check

Warm-O-Rama: What do you mean warm up? We're only walking! Carried the Stars and Stripes, F3 Nation, and GORUCK flags tonight. We drew looks! But pretty sure they were just squinting at Geek Squad's tattoo.

The Thang: 6.31 Miles along the following Paths with the following highlights:
- Noonday Creek Trail - YHC lamented that we ALWAYS start here.
- Pinehill Dr. - We discover the real reason Chops has been sporting the scruff! Hass Starts quoting Cinemax movies.
- Towne Lake Pkwy - Red Hat needed an introduction to the Waffle House teaser. Smell it now and again in 2 hours.
- Stonebridge Pkwy - YHC and Hooch get into another petty argument and Geek Squad holds them back!
- Dupree Road - Geek Squad: "My ankles are wet, is this School of Ruck?"
- King Arthur Dr. - Kingsridge N. really rolled out the welcome wagon with the unknown hills.
- Princess Ave. - "What the hell is this, Gut Check?" Chops looks at the hill and cusses YHC. Hooch convinces us to walk up it backwards. This his will turn you from your "princess" ways.
- Katherin Ln. - This road is like your first girlfriend, she was a roller coaster with a dark side. This road is literally a V with a hill that went on for more than 1/2 mile. Fun fact, there are bodies in the woods off this road. Just ask Red Hat.
- Dupree Rd (Crossover) - If we could manage to keep our headlamps in our pants, we probably wouldn't scare so many of the neighbors. Chops bombs his F3 elevator speech. Something about "Beer-led, women's outdoor, work hard work, sack." That guy will be at the Chatterbox saturday.
- Cherrydale/Greybrook/Cherokee Trail - Uneventful. Legs burning. Minds smoked.
- Hwy 92 - The long march home. We split into groups of two and had great conversations on the way back. Geek Squad and YHC discussed new vs. refurbished electronics. Be glad you weren't there. It was during this stretch that YHC captured the picture above. Rucking late at night is truly an awesome thing!
Main Street - Chops finally forgave YHC for the hills when I suggested that we COT at his car, instead of the flag.

COT: 6th Man - Geek Squad. Praises that his 8mo daughter is starting to sleep (dude, rucking helps). Praises that his new job is going well.

Prayers for Hooch and Gut Check and their families' foster care journeys. Prayers for our families. Prayers for Geeks Squad's wife and her "improving" sleep schedule.

Naked Man Moleskin: Waffle House - Discussed rucking goals for 2020. Hooch is a maniac. Unfriend him now!

Found out Heather, our great waitress is moving to Florida to start over. You know, often we wish we could have a do-over. But is it worth it in the end? What are you chasing that isn't getting you anywhere? What are you running from? Take time to assess your surroundings and see how good God is!

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