More PT… MORE PT!!! Oh wait… This is a rucking BD!

Dates: 2019-10-02

Where: rattlesnake_riviera

QIC: Chops

Number of Pax: 6

Pax Names: Hasbro, AOL, Gotti, Boomerang, Donzi, Chops

Warm-O-Rama: No sir... Just ruck... especially since the Acworth clown car arrives whenever they feel like it. Donzi borrowed YHC janky old pack... man I hope that thing holds up... it's looking rough!

The Thang: Rucks on, head on Boling drive back toward Marietta Hwy. Some variety in PAX speed so put the ones that need to set the pace up front. YHC calls out left turn to drive up behind CHS... huffing and puffing from YHC insues. Once at the top we meander our way between football field and HS, then out toward Cherokee North, make a lap in that back parking lot, and back up onto sidewalk on MH. YHC sees a big hill... audible to some PT. Goofy explanation of 11's reduced to 3's, increased to 5's... oh whatever... CRAP!!! Hasbro is standing in Ants! Can't win over these little devils! Let's just go up and down this hill 3 times and do 5 Mike Tysons at the top, and something else at the bottom... forgot... before we die from ant bites. PAX did get good cardio going up & down that hill with Rucks on.

Back on the sidewalk and keep rucking down to the CHS totem pole where YHC called for 25 IC dips, IC overhead press, IC chin lifts, and maybe another PT exercise or two... forgot...

Rucks back on and down MH sidewalk... YHC meant to cross over hwy at HS crosswalk to get down into spooky path in front of bowling alley and come back under bridge, but PAX was too far and time wouldn't allow.... keeping head on a swivel to avoid commuters arriving at bus pickup we entered back into Boling drive, rucked back to vehicles, and survived another day.

COT: Announcements about upcoming ruck challenges in Dec. Prayers & thanks.

Naked Man Moleskin: Boomerang rolled his ankle the day before, and didn't inform YHC so his pappy had to give the facts to save the little fellow from hazing regarding his slower speed. Donzi final defeated the fartsack & after having to ruck with that POS old pack finally started asking questions about a GoRuck Rucker... once he makes that financial investment we know we got him then! Gotti was booking it on the way back.. dude... what did I say LOL.

At the Riveria you can either go in the woods to get possibly attacked by a bear, coyote, or rattlesnake or you can go on the roads to get possibly run over by speeders on MH, commuters arriving at the bus, high school football athletes late for practice, or trash trucks hauling turds out of the turd boilers. This might be the FINEST AO in all of F3Cherokee!

Thanks alot LAWDOG!

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