It was going to be a LONG night already, so I decided to make it tough. We were going to knock out 5 miles at least, and get in some sandbag work. All this after spending 3 hours helping a friend unload their moving van and trailer into their new home.

Dates: 2019-11-13

Where: woodstockrucks

QIC: Gut Check

Number of Pax: 8

Pax Names: Hooch, Careless Whisper, Yukon Cornelius, Hasbro, Hass, Cops, 8 Bit, Gut Check

Warm-O-Rama: Gather coupons:
- 40lb GORUCK sandbag
- 2 x 20lb GORUCK sandbag
- American Flag

Partner Up. Parter remains your partner for the night.

The Thang: Each partner set grabs a coupon. Partners with sandbags co-carry the coupon by the handles for Mile 1. Rotate group to next coupon. Miles 2 and 3 more of the same with coupons, sometimes alternating back and forth between partners. Focus throughout the night on rucking in formation--8 dudes 4x2 is great for that.

During mile 3, Shildlock ruck: link arms and ruck huge hill side-by-side, keeping page together. This was meaningful to show the PAX we're in this together!

During mile 4 discover some serious speedbumps. Perfect for speed humps. Every speed hump varying amounts of single count coupon monkey humpers.

Arrive at Woodstock Elementary School for Rucklympics 2019.
Event 1: Ruck Run
- Lap 1: Partner 1 runs lap of parking lot. Partner 2 planks till partner 1 makes it halfway, then Ruck Merkins until he arrives. SWAP.
- Lap 2: Partner 1 runs lap of parking lot. Partner 2 Flutter kicks til partner 1 makes it halfway, then squats until he arrives. SWAP.

Event 2: Rucksports:
Each team rotates thru 4 stations:
- 1: Team bucket carries across field. YES YHC hid some buckets behind WES! What did you expect?
- 2: Ruck Volleyball 20lb. Team throws sandbag back and forth over the soccer goal.
- 3: Ruck Volleyball 20lb.
- 4: Ruck Volleyball 40lb. This was AWFUL.

Arms smoke, we rucked the coupons back to the amphiteater, completing 5 miles to get our Zero Dark Thrity callout completion.
- Rou

COT: Focus on our families, spending time with wives and kids, and other prayer requests.

Naked Man Moleskin: This was fun. It always is. But our rucks have been memorable lately. Great discussion and hard work. Somehow the harder the work the deeper the conversations. I'm a lucky man!

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