Six went rucking, all were trucking… all with sacks on their back, one prefers to pluck, one buck will wax, while others will shave with blade as they try their luck.

Dates: 2019-11-30

Where: woodstockrucks

QIC: Trill

Number of Pax: 6

Pax Names: Mouth-2-Mouth, Seaman, Careless Whisper, Einstein, Gambler, Trill

Warm-O-Rama: Suit up men

The Thang: Just trucking...
-Rucked a little over 5 1/4 miles at approx. 16 min 30 sec. pace
-Rucked up Arnold Mill to noonday to woofstock to Townelake trail to the end of trail, took a left UP Towne Lake HILLS UP to Woodstock highschool until incline leveled out then back the way we came to amphitheater, then down Arnold Mill for little extra distance.

COT: Prayers for Einstein and M as they face a decision that may change their course.

Naked Man Moleskin: -15 minute mile pace as I first hoped may not be possible without at least a shuffle though may be for Mouth-2-Mouth and his Giant strides.
-Back at 6:20a with 4 3/4 of mile, Einstein bright idea to go for more to get the 5 miles and fulfill our dreams; complaint department was open but no one was complaining about extended time nor distance so onward we marched for another half mile to surpass the original goal!
-Chatter of shaving a wounded chin quickly turned to chatter of plucking, shaving, waxing of the ball sack, some things are not always how they sound or appear.
-Wild animals along the course lurking in the woods as we passed trough Towne Lake trail.
-In the absence of Gut Checks FIA coffee the boys were treated with M2M's bourbon coffee.

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