13 PAX answered the call to post and ruck 12 miles starting at 0400 on a rainy Saturday morning to show their support for a F3 Brother and to raise awareness for Men’s mental health issues and suicide.

Dates: 2019-11-23

Where: ruck

QIC: JackBauer

Number of Pax: 13

Pax Names: GutCheck, Hasbro, 8-Bit, Sgt Slaughter, Hass, RedHat, Z93, Asile 7, Tundra, Kennedy, CarlessWhisper, Lexi, JackBauer

Warm-O-Rama: Short Mosey
Michael Phelps, Sun Gods, sort of
Ruck Up

The Thang: Ruck UP! Took a left out of Hobgood Park onto Towne Lake Parkway. Lost 8-Bit for a minute while he relieved himself and continued down to Towne Lake Hills South Drive. Crossed the road and continued up the hills to Noon Day Creek Trail head. Before entering the trail the PAX numbered off and partnered up. PAX were reminded of the importance of communicating with other men to foster better relationships. Partner 1 carried his ruck and the ruck of his partner. Partners would ruck together while Partner 2 tell his bro all about himself while Partner 1 only listened and asked questions. Once the partners got about a mile in (WoofStock Park) they flapjacked.

The PAX continued into DTW and huddled near Reformation waiting on the 6th. During this time GutCheck broke out some bacon to share with everyone and to celebrate the half way point. Enough bacon talk Ruck UP! We waved at the homes of the Clinic and the Flying-V and continued on our journey.

The PAX moved down main street and took a left back onto Towne Lake Parkway to begin the long journey back to Hobgood. Took a quick pit stop at DD to get a supply of muchkins and coffee for the PAX. Nothing raises the spirits more during a rainy ruck than some warm coffee, sugary sweets and some laughter!

Continued up TLP to the Bermuda Triangle intersection of death and somehow manged to get 13 PAX across and onto Eagle Drive. Zero casualties. Continued down this road to the dreaded Eagle Mountain climb in front of Etowah High School and the home of the Apex. Had to call and audible on the original route at this point because of time. However, as we continued past these schools the PAX were reminded about teen/youth suicide and mental health issues and were asked to discuss ideas with each other about ways to foster better communication and relationships with our 2.0s.

Continued down Eagle Drive to take a right on Rose Creek and made the final stretch to home. Took a left back onto TLP and right into Hobgood. YHC watch had stopped tracking the miles but of course 10 out of the 13 PAX had their GPS tracking watches going so it was quickly determined we were about a half mile short of our 12 mile goal. So, let's RUCK RUN around the half mile track at Hobgood. Off we go to the finish line!

COT: Prayers for those suffering from mental illness and that they may find the courage to speak up. Prayers for all of us to take action and to not miss the opportunity to recognize a bro that may be struggling and finding the strength to reach out to him.

Naked Man Moleskin: Really enjoyed the ruck this morning. The sporadic rain made it all the better. It was great to see some familiar faces and some that YHC hasn't seen in a long time. These types of events not only raise awareness for this important issue but help to bring us all a little bit closer together. "Shared pain builds Trust." The facts and statistics show that there are F3 bros that have or are currently struggling with mental health issues and that each of us unfortunately will be faced with traumatic event(s) in our lives. We need to be intentional in our actions to build those relationships so we can weather the storms together... with bacon of course.

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