With football season over and The Mole getting a surprise date night with the M, it was time for a triumpant return to Metal Mountain!

Dates: 2019-11-18

Where: kodiak

QIC: Dory

Number of Pax: 9

Pax Names: Miyagi, Chitwood, Bloomers, Red Sauce, Zillow, Woody, Banjo, Harp, Dory

Warm-O-Rama: Mosyed to the far end of the running track and circled up for a standard warm-o-rama. SSH, Hill Billies, Weed Pickers, Sun Gods, and ended with some left and right side lunge stretches (I'm sure there is a proper name but I just dont know it)

The Thang: Lined up on the 50 yard line for the following:
- Run to 10yd line - 10 burpees - back to 50
- Run to 20 yd line - 20 Mountain Climbers (Kodiak) - back to 50
- Run to 30 yd line - 30 LBC's - back to 50
- Run to 40 yd line - 40 squats - back to 50
- Finish w/ 50 SSH's

After we got our blood flowing nicely on this mighty fine morning, we headed over to the bleachers for an 11's routine with Dips at the bottom and BBSU at the top. All the PAX worked hard and Banjo led mary while waiting for the six.

Moseyed back out on the field to the near goal line for a Doracide routine where the PAX partnered up for the following:

- 100 American Hammers (Rubicon)
- 200 Lunges (Rubicon)
- 300 SSH

Partner B:
ran to 10 yd line - 1 burpee - back to goal
20 yd line - 1 burpee - back to goal
30 yd line 1 burpee - back to goal
Then flap jack w/ Partner A

We hit time during this last routine so YHC had the group recover and we headed to the flag. With just a minute left, we got in 20 Box Cutters.

COT: Banjo asked for prayers for travel plans over Thanksgiving and to have God's grace with him in dealing with family. Bloomers Dad still doing well and getting ready for one final treatment to finish out his care plan. Prayers for Legionnaire and his sister. Prayers for Bloomers and the stem cell treatment for his knees is successful.

Naked Man Moleskin: Since The Mole prefers his wife over a bunch of sweaty guys I got the oppty to Q the Kodiak...and it was a real treat. The morning was perfect and the itch to get back into the stadium finally got scratched! Bloomers leaked a rumor Promise Ring may very well visit Kodiak next week so stay tuned! Need to get Shotgun back out there as well. Good work gents....

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