Once again, Doubtfire saves Thin Mint.

Dates: 2019-09-05

Where: mole_hole_spartan_course

QIC: The Mole

Number of Pax: 2

Pax Names: Doubtfire, The Mole

Warm-O-Rama: Mosey to soccer field. SSH - Weed Pickers - Lunges

The Thang: Run loop trail - 15 merkins on each bridge

Back to TMH to try and make it through the whole course without falling. All 50-feet of obstacles.
The Mole made it nearly to the end when fingers slipped off beam.
Doubtfire made it to the middle of the course with the new cone shaped grip.

Partner up (easy since only two of us)
Partner 1 carries stump log to shed and back
Partner 2 does dips until Partner 1 finishes carry.

Pick an apparatus.... cone shape, or ball shape, or ring
15 hanging knee raises
15 step-ups each leg (30 total)
Rinse and repeat

One round of side-monkey-bar down and back.

Run to bottom of trail head.
Run up to soccer field and do 20 BBS. Plank for the six.

Back to TMH
5 pullups
10 squats
15 overhead press with logs from fallen tree.
Rinse and repeat.

Still time for some LBCs.

COT: Prayers for our marriages.
YHC always enjoys the conversations with Doubtfire. Much deep discussion after the workout.

Naked Man Moleskin: Workouts are always better with others than by yourself. Great to see Doubtfire coming down the road in time for TMH today.

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