Recovery matters. Remember that as a Pax of F3 we push ourselves pretty hard with 1st F. We have beatdowns 7 days a week when you factor in blackops. A lot of guys posting 6 days a week. That is great. While that is awesome and helping to fulfill the mission, do not forget to take time to recover. Don’t punish your body in the gloom and then again the next 23 hours in a day. Its ok not to workout everyday of the week (as long as you have a routine that keeps you accountable). Its ok to smartsack when you need a day to rest and recover. Remember as you take on the good eats challenge, it’s important to eat enough calories (just better calories). Remember this as you subject yourself to a 3 hour bloodhoudlnd suckfest.

I bring this up because I read an interesting article from Art of Manilness about recovery and wanted to share it with the Pax. We train hard and need to take care of our bodies beyond just the beatdowns. I also thought it was a great oportunity to share what C4NN* is all about. It is designed to be a blog we use to not only communicate announcements but also a way for Pax to share testimonies, articles and thoughts geared towards helping us all become better HIMs. Anyone can post just like a backblast.


*C4NN – C4 News Network named for C4 who wants just the news and no shenanigans.

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