Been looking forward to Qing this week and getting some heavy running in!

Dates: 2019-10-10

Where: vineyard

QIC: Tiny Tat

Number of Pax: 8

Pax Names: Silverado, Foosball, Nesquik, Mouth 2 Mouth, Hank Hill, Lizard King, Ditka, Tiny Tat

Warm-O-Rama: Long mosey up in front of the high school, circled up for SSH, Windmill, Mountain Man Poopers.

The Thang: First up, burpback mountain! Partner up and get to 100 burpees total. 1 partner doing burpees, other running up the HUGE hill (the grapes of wrath). Switch and repeat until you hit 100.

Indian run down, around, and over to the bottom of the hill in front of the middle school.

Next up, hill sprints disguised as 11s.
Merkins at the bottom, big bois at the top.
Sprint up the hill in between, job back down.

Mosey down in front of the highschool.
Next up, curb crawl. 1 derkin, bear crawl to other curb, 2 derkins, bear crawl, 3 derkins, etc...
Called it with 2 minutes left - run back to the flag.

and that's time!

COT: Prayers for a couple families in the community that had lost children recently, prayers for Hank Hill's new job coming up - promoted to Lieutenant!!

Naked Man Moleskin: Those hill sprints were no joke, 10 of those at about 75 yards or so. After burpback mountain. Great job fellas, everyone pushed it hard today and kept going until the end.
Great group of guys out there today, enjoyed it fellas, keep up the good work!

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