Hanz and Franz would be proud of the “Pump!” the PAX achieved. No “girly man” here.

Dates: 2019-12-30

Where: vineyard

QIC: LizardKing

Number of Pax: 5

Pax Names: Trill, Silverado, Narco, Mouth-to-Mouth, LizardKing

Warm-O-Rama: 15 SSH
12 Weed Pickers
Michael Phelps OYO
Sun Gods OYO

The Thang: YHC instructed PAX on the workout and then cranked up the tunes to 80's Metal Bands and Trill asked YHC if I had long hair when I was a teenager. No, but wish I could have.

Partner up:

Partner 1 runs up the ramp does burpee at the top runs back down the ramp while Partner 2 does the work then switch.

100 Merkins
125 Derkins
150 incline merkins

Suicide sprints to 3 different lines in the parking lot while partner does the work then switch.

100 BBS
125 LBC’s
150 mountain climbers

Run from one end of the parking lot and back while partner does the work and then switch.

100 Squats
125 Copperhead Squats
150 Monkey Humpers

AC/DC Thunderstruck
Plank Jack or Merkin or mix it up on Thunder/Thunderstruck

COT: Announcement of convergence on New Years Day. Prayers for F3 men and families, encouragement to do God's work in 2020.

Naked Man Moleskin: Enjoyed the gloom with fellow PAX. Missed Tiny Tat, GoDaddy, Doddy, BoSox and many others that usually post on Mondays at The Vineyard. Thanks, Silverado for listening to my car starting up and of course it didn't make the noise as usual when you have a mechanic standing there.

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