Opossums are fierce creatures that defend their territory. Puking sucks.

Dates: 2019-10-08

Where: flying_v

QIC: Gambler

Number of Pax: 12

Pax Names: Showtime, Narco, Mouth-2-Mouth, Brad Pitt, Geek Squad, Splinter, Double Deuce, Saluki, Ralphie, Exile, Silverado, Gambler.

Warm-O-Rama: Some stretching of the legs along with moving of the jaws.

The Thang: And their off! Heading down Main Street towards the road with many names (Hwy 92), we hung a right on Alabama Road/Holcomb Bridge Road/92 and ran towards the Noonday trail entrance. Headlamps providing some light, we followed the trail around until we came back out to Main Street where, depending on the pax's pace, we went down Arnold Mill to fire station and back. Most Pax pulled off near 4 or even 5 miles! Great work by all!

COT: After an announcement (that YHC can't recall), we closed with prayers for illnesses and safe travels for Gambler's family and asked for continuation of a great week.

Naked Man Moleskin: Ever hear a pissed off opossum? Run at this time of day and you will! With all the puking YHC had in his home last night, I kept hearing the sound after our run ended. Is Ralphie ralphing? Nope, just a few burps and hiccups. Is Geek Squad losing it on the asphalt? Nope, just wringing out his shirt (with about 64 ounces of perspiration.)

Kudos also to the pax that finished with 1 or 2 minutes to spare and went directly into various exercises in cadence. Nice to see!

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