Tuesday: 5:30 am

        The Flying V (Canyon Burger) → Q: Gambler

        Lion’s Den (Freedom MS) → Q: IceT

        The Paragon (Sequoyah HS) → Q: Bo Peep

        The Buff (Buffington ES) → Q: The Mole

        Castle Black (Ball Ground ES) → Q: Westside

      Wednesday: 5:30 am

        The Clinic (Downtown Woodstock) → Q: OPEN

        The Kodiak (Creekview HS) Q: Miyagi

        The Playground (Avery ES) → Q: Pitchfork

        The Forge (River Ridge) → Q: OPEN

        Morning Wood (Woodmont) → Q: OPEN

        Rattlesnake Riviera (Boling Park) → Q: OPEN

        Pineapple Express (Bridge Mill) → Q: OPEN

        The League (Sequoyah HS)5:00 – 6:00 am → Q:  G-String



      Thursday: 5:30 am

        El Pheonix (Revolution Church) 5:00 am → Q: Geppetto

        Happy Jack (Veterans Park) → Q: C-4

        Stoneclad Sequoyah Park)→ Q: Harp

        Lion’s Den (Freedom MS) → Q: Bauer

        The Paragon (Sequoyah HS) → Q: Cricket

        Vineyard (River Ridge)Q: GoDaddy

        Safari (Macedonia ES) → Q: OPEN

        Night Run (Veterans Park) 6:00 pm → Q: Suckles

      Friday: 5:30 am

        Crossroads (Avery ES) → Q: Lively

        Black Top (Woodstock City Church) 5:00 am→ Q: Brad Pitt

        Story Time (3rd F) → Q: Drumstick → Men’s discussion group. 5:30-6:30 am

        The Bakery (3rd F) → Q: Pie Bar → Men’s discussion group. 5:30-6:30 am

        Guys BS (3rd F) → Q: Swisher → Men’s discussion group. 6:15 – 7:15 am

        2nd F → Lunch @ Chipotle @ Canton Marketplace (unless otherwise specified)

          QSource meeting at 2nd F Lunch→ Q: Westside


        B0.0MTown (Veterans Park) → Q: Babyface

        Chatterbox (Dupree Park): 7:00 am → Q: Bagger VQ**

        The Hurt Locker (Veterans Park):

          PreRuck: 6:00 am → Q: OPEN

          Beatdown: 7:00 am → Q: OPEN

        WoodstockRucks (Woodstock Amphitheater): 5:00 am → Q: Secret

        War Town (Hobgood Park) → PieBar

        The League (Sequoyah HS) → Q: Panhandle

        The Woodshed (Hobgood Park) → Q: Bauer

        The Mole Hole (Moles House) → Q: The Mole

Other News and events:

Need guys to step up and take some Qs – take a look at the Q sheet and see where you can take your chance to lead a workout:  Q Sheet

You got questions, I’ll get answers.  Send them here: [email protected] 

QIC: Babyface

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