Born in and growing up with family in North Carolina I always appreciate the subtle nuances of various southern accents, especially east Carolina versus western Carolina. In any case, one particular expression has always stuck with me, the use of the word ‘powerful’ as an adjective to modify a sentiment one normally wouldn’t expect. This is a very Southern way of expression. So years ago waiting in line at a Bojangles, a young country boy walked in and announced, “boy, I am POWERFUL hungry for some chicken biscuits!”. He brought the house down with that line, and the expression always stuck in my mind, and so it was ‘Powerful Joy’ that I figured would be brought to the Morning Wood and PAX as I had thought of this beatdown driving down our street one day this week. Powerful Joy to the lungs, to be sure.

Dates: 2019-10-02

Where: morningwood


Number of Pax: 8

Pax Names: Bloodhound, Tooter, Doubtfire, Misty, Yogi, Red Hat, LawDog, C4 (and Cody)

Warm-O-Rama: Long mosey run from the Woodmont tennis courts to the opening of the Grove area of Woodmont, where both Misty's and your YHC and this QIC's respective families reside. Circle up for a quick stretch [what?!, a stretch at Morning Wood? We don't normally stretch, says Misty, with looks of worry on their faces as the QIC indicates he wants to be sure the PAX is loose for what's about to go down]. 10 quiet weed pickers, slow but helpful.

The Thang: At the start of the homes on the right at the base of the Grove hill climb, wind sprints where each mailbox up the hill constitutes a line and stop. So up and down the hill, mostly sprint up and mosey back. Tough. Once each HIM hits the top, mosey around the circle, and pick up the six, and then down the hill and across Grandmar to the Enclave, where a mailbox wind sprint rinse & repeat commences. A steeper hill the Enclave, to be sure, and a slight modification to stop at the mailbox across from cul-de-sac on the right as the PAX was stretching out a bit and frankly Cody couldn't even keep up. Mosey around the Enclave circle and plank for the Six, already hitting 3 miles accomplished, then head back to the main drag Grandmar and hustle up the long hill to the E. Cherokee & Gaddis circle. 50 mercans. Hustle down to the clubhouse circle, and then one final sprint blast up the hill to the flag. Whew.

4.45 miles on the Garmin, solid 10 min pace when we consider all the stops, the circle up, etc.

COT: Prayers for a local family and their child Ryder, as he battles cancer; prayers for Doubtfire's family as they treat the family puppy; prayers for cooler days and Fall weather; prayers for the men and families participating at the Spartan this weekend, and also the Bear Adventure Race in Blairsville.

Naked Man Moleskin: So many events this weekend, also update on the two rucking events for December, a Cherokee challenge Star Course and the Pearl Harbor remembrance Ruck.

Great job Tooter keeping up with the PAX, only his 2nd beatdown and a tough one today. Stick with it and come back. SYITG.

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