Precisely at 0530 on 9/11… and on most days across F3 Nation, the start has always been 0530, not 0532. In light of a missed start time by our fearless Nantan, YHC wanted to start the mothership out properly to set an example for others to VQ.

Dates: 2019-09-11

Where: kodiak

QIC: Mickey

Number of Pax: 11

Pax Names: Tie Dyed, Toto, Cricket, Voodoo, Deep Dish, Rest Stop, Gandi, Twiggy, Legionnaire, Myagi, Mickey

Warm-O-Rama: quick mosey to the car pool lanes...
- 25 SSH
- 15 Abe Vigoda
- 10 Pistol Squats each leg (bonus points to Cricket for perfect form)
- Copperhead Hillbillies - Legionnaire couldn't quite get it.

The Thang: Partner Up!
- 25 Bropees - followed by one lap of Catch me if you can
- 50 Bro-kins - (high 5 at the top of a Merkin) again followed by one lap of Catch me if you can
- 75 Partner BBS - (high 5 at the top) Followed by yet another lap of Catch me if you can
- 100 Air Presses (Partner Cadence) and YES one more lap of Catch me if you can

Off for the "oh so lite" 6 lb medicine ball
PAX lined up in 2 even lines facing each other:
"the next exercise is the American Hammer"
1st PAX starts with the MB all PAX complete 5 AmHam then pass the MB to the next PAX, each completing 5 with the MB.
- total of 55 American Hammers -

Mosey back to the shovel flag

COT: Gandi's M struggling through health issues; pray for quick recovery, Myagi and family going to float the Nile river; Pray for safety.
Spartan and BEAR races coming up on Oct 5th.

Naked Man Moleskin: Very little mumblechatter this morning, too focused on counting and breathing. We love our NANTAN but maybe a "redo the Q school" is in order. For the record, don't partner with Cricket, unless your aim is to push yourself up to and possibly over the edge.

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