When YHC woke up this morning, I still felt like I had been in a car crash – a result of Tuesday’s “Killer B’s” workout. Assuming many of the other PAX were hurting as well, and it being opening day for the NFL, it was time for some football in the gloom.

Dates: 2019-09-05

Where: lions_den

QIC: Pie Bar

Number of Pax: 21

Pax Names: Blackhawk, Ice T, Drone, Pee Trap, AOL, Gotti, Jack Bauer, Einstein, Twinkle Toes, Hartford, Vespa, Double Deuce, Rugburn, Yukon Cornelius, Nets, Sharapova, Pop Up, Rembrandt, Pie Bar, Hard Drive, Fleetwood

Warm-O-Rama: Long Mosey - about 1/4 mile.

Circle up on football field: 15 SSHs; 10 weed pickers; 10 windmills; 10 imperial walkers; Sun Gods OYO; Michael Phelps OYO; 5 squat jumps OYO

The Thang: Touch Football w/ a bit of PT. YHC purchased a glow in the dark football and created a field with cones and glow sticks. The field had 3 lines. First line was a start line for the offense. Second was first-down line. Third was end zone. Each team got 4 downs to make a first, then 4 downs to score. If offense got first down or TD, they chose an exercise to be performed by everyone (20 rep max - burpees and lunges or any variation thereof were outlawed for this workout). Same for defense if it got a stop or interception/score. Mostly performed merkins - probably 140. Other exercises called included American hammers, star jumps, and Carolina dry docks.

Skins won the game (not really - more on that below) with a last second trick play TD. Yeah, yeah, YHC bit on the play, but where was my safety help over the top?!!!

Closed out the game with about 10 minutes left. Brisk mosey back to FMS lot for a couple of laps around the "track" - another 1/2 mile.

Finished out with 2 minutes of Mary: flutter kicks and mike tyson's

COT: Prayers to Sky Q for: Vespa's wife's upcoming surgery; Mr. Garrison's recovery from ocular melanoma; and daily guidance. Thanks for able bodies and camaraderie.

Naked Man Moleskin: Really enjoyed the game this morning - even if Vespa took 5 instead of 4 downs on one series, and then on the last series "snapped" the ball to himself and took off running for a first down. I guess all's fair in football in the gloom though. YHC will be sure to explain the basic rules of football to everyone next time. Ha ha! Seriously though, it was great to just have fun this morning, playing with the boys!

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