Ah the playground where much fun can occur and plenty of Mumble chatter to happen! YHC has had a plan in place for the last few weeks for today to happen due to it kept being pushed back to allow for others to Q but it finally happened! I am sure Alcoa loved every minute of it and especially not having to do any Farmers walk!

Dates: 2019-02-13

Where: playground

QIC: Lively

Number of Pax: 9

Pax Names: Captain Hook, Yokel, Dandy, Divot, Chitwood, Alcoa, Flash Dance, Bo Berry, Lively

Warm-O-Rama: We started off with a nice lovely mosey around the main parking lot ending back at the flag but of course Dandy takes off so YHC had to let him know where we would end up since YHC know he will never catch him ever without hurting himself!

Circled up by the flag and performed

16 SSH
17 Weed Pickers
Sun Gods OYO
Michael Phelps/Love yourself OYO

YHC was freaking Alcoa out due to keeping a speaker in the hoodie pocket making it look add while doing SSH so of course have to slowly move closer to mess with him!

The Thang: 6 stations were set up with plenty of pain to be had, the pax slip up into partners, YHC ended up by himself since having an odd amount, and explained where each station was at. Each station had a card with 2 exercises written on once side and 1 moveing (if possible) exercise on the other.

Station 1
Shrugs 50 reps
Pullups 50 reps As a team
Dips 100 reps

Station 2
Broad Jumps 15 to 20 yards
30 Squats
30 Lunges holding a block

Station 3
Farmers carry 20 to 25 yards
Mountain Climbers 50 reps
Hand Release Merkins 25 reps

Station 4
Bear Crawls 20 to 25 yards
Merkins 30 reps
LBCs 50 reps

Station 5
Crab Walk 20 to 25 yards
Burpees 20 reps
Carolina Dry Docks 30 Reps

Station 6
Over head Block Carry 20 to 25 yards
Over Head Press 25 reps
curls 30 reps

Each station lasted about 6 minutes each until we rotated stations. YHC didn't account for the warm up when calculating time thus we only got through 5 stations each. With 2 minutes left to spare YHC had Alcoa lead some Marys which ended up being 20 Flutter Kicks.

COT: Sign up for the Men's Weekend at Dory's Hunting camp! As well as please have Captain Hook's Sister-in-law in your prayers as she goes through surgery tomorrow!

Naked Man Moleskin: Good Job everyone who came out! it was a rough one for sure and kept everyone moving out there!

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