In honor of Pi day (3/14) YHC came up with some routines related to the never ending series of numbers. 5 PAX total (including Gumball) decided to see how far we could get.

Dates: 2018-03-26

Where: b0.0m_town

QIC: Westside

Number of Pax: 5

Pax Names: Danica, Dilbert, Pelosi, Gumball, Westside

Warm-O-Rama: 15x SSH
10x Windmills
10x Copperhead Squats
OYO Sun Gods (Forwards and Backwards)
10x Cherry Pickers
10x Seal Claps
10x Overhead Claps

On to the main event!

The Thang: The PAX were able to get through 8 digits of Pi before end ex performing the following:

3 Rounds of 1:4 exercises

1. Burpee Bearcrawls - 1 Burpee and then 4 Bearcrawls (Kodiak count). The PAX went up to 10 Burpees and then 40 Bearcrawls
2. LT Dan's - 1 Squat and then 4 Walking Lunges (Rubicon count). The PAX went up to 10 Squats and then 40 Walking Lunges
3. Jack Webbs - 1 Merkin and then 4 Air Presses. The PAX went up to 10 Merkins and then 40 Air Presses

Quick 10 count and then on to the next routine. PAX partnered up to perform:

159 Squats - 1 PAX performed Squats while the other PAX Lunge Walked to the first light pole and back.
265 LBC's - 1 PAX performed LBC's while the other PAX ran backwards to the 2nd light pole and then forwards back to their partner

Finished with just under 2 minutes to spare so Danica led us in some SSH's and Dilbert finished the morning with some Weed Pickers.

COT: Name-o-rama, prayers, and announcements. Prayers for C4 and Hombre's fathers.

Naked Man Moleskin: Thank you men for the opportunity to host this morning. Great to finally meet both Danica and Dilbert. I've seen the names, but it was awesome to finally put some faces to them. Always great to be in the gloom with Pelosi, too. His mumblechatter always helps cut through the suck. Looking forward to my next visit.


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