YHC pulled out a classic – the Spartan beatdown which YHC used for his 3rd Q. Simple and sucks…so effective

Dates: 2019-10-01

Where: paragon

QIC: Panhandle

Number of Pax: 21

Pax Names: Garfield, Pelosi, Bo Peep, Poolboy, Mabell, Red Hat, Z93, Osteen, Livewire, Dr Thunder, Grylls, Grey Poupon, Westside, Zillow, Spock, Vandelay, Tebow, Elvis, Woody, Tallyman, Panhandle

Warm-O-Rama: SSH, Weed Pickers, Ass Kickers, High Knees, MPs - explain The Thang while warming up
And 10 Burpees, because Grylls cannot plant a flag in the concrete-like dirt...

The Thang: Mosey to field - SPARTANS
Line up on Goal Line - sprint 100 yds, do 10 merkins, wait for the 6 in Plank - 1,2,3 "aroo" - walk back to the goal line to recover
Starts to really suck at round 7
At round 12 - no walking breaks, sprint both ways
End at round 24 due to time with full on sprint, no holding back

Final Tally - Sprinted 240 yds and did 240 Merkins! Covered 360 yds in all

COT: Prayers and announcements

Naked Man Moleskin: YHC loves/hates this beatdown. It is simple and very effective, and I cannot walk right for 2 days afterwards.
That last 24th sprint almost made YHC collapse as YHC pushed a little too hard and got dizzy
Cannot wait to do this again with 1 hour vs 45 minutes at some point - think we can definitely hit 30 at that point
Some PAX to call out:
Zillow pushed hard and got to 21! Way to go man.
Elvis came back for another dose of Spartans. When he did it the first time in February, he ended up modifying to the 20 yd line to start, no modifying distance wise this time. Well done bro.
Garfield and Tally Man are insanely fast for sprints - powerhouses
Few new gazelles kept up as well
All PAX helped make sure everyone was done before resuming - Thanks! Hard to see down the line
Everyone gave 100% - I love F3 for this, no way I would do this on my own without others pushing me

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