Last minute decided to completely change up the beatdown due to the bum ankle. And it did not go well…

Dates: 2019-09-18

Where: clinic

QIC: Geek Squad

Number of Pax: 19

Pax Names: Exile, Gut Check, Saluki, Trill, Brad Pitt, Narco, Sgt. Slaughter, Smurfette, Doddy, Spaceballs, Flo, Foosball, Nesquik, Double Duece, Office Party, Careless Whisper, Geek Squad

Number of FNGs: 2

FNG Names: Floyd, Sail Away

Warm-O-Rama: Mosey'd up the stadium stairs and back down. Circled up.

x20 Imperial Walkers 4-count
x10 Windmills 4-count
x10 Weedpickers 4-count
x20 Copperhead Squats 4-count
x20 Flutter Kicks 4-count

The Thang: Lined up in two rows at the base of the stadium stairs. PAX at the front of the line performed x10 merkins, bear crawled up the stairs (PAX behind them would then start their merkins), x10 merkins at the top of the stairs, and then mosey'd back to the line to do it again. Held air chair while waiting on your turn. Rinse/Repeat for 3 rounds.

Lined up at the base of the stadium seating next to a 1'-ish high stair.
x20 Rocky Balboa's
x20 Step-Ups with a high knee on the non supporting leg (x10 each leg)
x20 Deconstructed Bonnie Blairs which were renaimed groin stretchers (x10 each leg)
x20 Side Leg Raises (x10 each leg)
Rinse/Repeat for 2 rounds

Circled back up on the field and YHC grabbed a deck of cards. Informed the PAX that we would be performing exercises based on the cards that were drawn:
Spades = LBC's 4-count
Hearts = Flutter Kicks 4-count
Clubs = V-Ups (Modified crunchy frog) 4-count
Diamonds = American Hammers 4-count
All numbered cards were equal to the reps that would be performed. K,Q,J = 10 reps and A = 1 rep.

Intention was to get through the whole deck but about 20 cards in, Exile informed me that I had lost more than half the group... whoops... Called an audible and moved on to the ever-trusty Dora.

Had PAX partner up and accumulate the following reps:
x100 Merkins
x200 Big Boy Situps
x300 SSH's
PAX 2 would sprint to the opposing sidewalk and back to tag out PAX 1.
Made it through about half of that before time was up. Back to the flag!

COT: Sgt. Slaughter shared this his M and M's mother are going through some medical issues currently. Sgt. Slaughter also told me during coffeeteria that he is receiving foot surgery today.

Sail Away (FNG) shared about his six year struggle with alcoholism. Prayers for continued recovery and strength.

Spaceballs got to spend some much needed time with his family recently.

Prayers for Flo's brother who is going down a slightly different path right now and that God would stir something in his heart that would get him back on the right track.

Naked Man Moleskin: Wow. What a morning that was.

Started off by handing off the FUBAR flag to Exile for his missed Q on Saturday. And things just went downhill from there... I'm honestly not sure how people just didn't get up and leave.

Saluki decided that air chairs while waiting on the 6 wasn't enough so he did squats the whole time. Dudes a beast. Can't wait for his VQ.

I don't think Brad Pitt broke a sweat either. Guy never does. If you can make Brad Pitt sweat during a beatdown, you might as well retire because life won't get any better.

Geek Week Day 3 is in the bag. I was very excited to Q here because The Clinic is where I got my start and completely sold out to F3. While the BD didn't go as planned, there is some nostalgia there for me. Always feels like "coming home" when I'm able to post. Thanks everyone for coming out!

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