Manning and I conducted this beatdown last Thanksgiving, just prior to the flag football matches. It wasn’t fun then, and I can’t say it got any better this time.

Dates: 2019-07-11

Where: happy_jack


Number of Pax: 7

Pax Names: Manning, Dixie Chic, Pitchfork, Floppy, Earhart, Wham-O, C4 . . . Cody and Devil Dog

Warm-O-Rama: Mosey from the flag to the top of Veterans, the parking lot near the tennis courts. 10 Weed Pickers, 10 Imperial Walkers, and 3 full Happy Jacks.

The Thang: It's racing season at THJ. Divide into two teams. We start at the hut and the finish line will be at the bottom near where Easy Mountain begins, between the three drains that sit alongside the path. Long sprints, and each team has to conduct 15, 10, and 5 burpees by one representative along the way at the beginning, posts in between, or at the end. The objective is to finish first both individually and then as a team. If a HIM from Team A finishes first, but its Six comes in last, then it is a draw. An outright win is both a Team rep hitting the finish line first and then the team collectively finishing before the other. There will be consequences for an outright win/loss.

The PAX conducted this down to Easy Mountain twice, and then back up to the hut, once. On the down run, it was burpees, and on the return, it was mercans for the 15/10/5 increments. Each team got winded quickly. There were two outright wins and one draw. Losers conducted 50 burpees as a team, while the winners took a courtesy lap.

As time was winding down, the PAX conducted some hill sprints and mercans and BBSU's along the backside of the track, toward Cody's pond, and then back to the flag. Finish with three full Happy Jacks.

COT: Prayers for Wham-O's 5-year old daughter, Anna, who is suffering from arthritis and it is impacting her vision. Prayers for Manning and his mother and his father-in-law. Prayers for all running the Sawnee Mountain race this weekend, that they be safe coming down the mountain and avoid injury.

Naked Man Moleskin: Perhaps an exorcism is required. Devil Dog is truly demonic. In the dark, I see the curly tail, and the gleam of that red eye, and I know it could be pea soup time. The dog went after Cody in multiple scaps, and then "addressed" the nice lady and her pet walking the loop.

Great to see Wham-O for first time in awhile, haven't seen him in ages and he even remarked that he missed the original and one and only crappy Cub Scout flag the PAX first used at THJ.

Great work by all the PAX, and Pitchfork continues to just jump right into the deep end, though special mention goes out to Dixie Chic, who was powering through them hills. Both at Castle Black and then this Happy Jack this week, this YHC has noticed Dixie really picking it up. Tclaps.

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