It seems the list of memories grows with every #WoodstockRucks! Would this be an exception. Take a walk with me and let’s find out.

Dates: 2019-05-29

Where: woodstockrucks

QIC: Gut Check

Number of Pax: 6

Pax Names: Pelosi, Einstein, Hass, Hooch, Trust Fall, Gut Check

Warm-O-Rama: Startex: War Memorial at the Park at City Center.
Rucks on, let's go!

The Thang: Mile 1: Ruck sub 14:00/mile pace. Keeping a shuffle pace, YHC did mile 1 at 12:02. Thanks, Pelosi, for the brilliant idea.
Mile 2: Somewhere in the dark hills of Woodstock Knoll. Love this neighborhood for rucking. So many hills! We nearly lost Trust Fall to the thickness of the
Mile 3: Probably still in Woodstock Knoll or suddenly realizing we're going the same way again!
Mile 4: We rucked to the postcard view of Woodstock City Church--the back parking lot. Did some PT, including a LOOONG ruck on plank.
Intermission: Nearing the outlet mall, Hooch shouts, "Oh Crap, I left the flag back there!" He ran the fastest mile he's ever run back to the flag and ran it home. Watching him run the flag down Ridgewalk Parkway in the glow of our headlamps was epic. As YHC rucked with Hooch's bag for a while we invented the Hooch Sack Squat. Don't ask.
Mile 5: Took the route behind the outlet mall to the roundabout. As Pelosi broke out the bacon (Bless you, man!), Einstein waxed poetic about his nightly fasting, while we all broteined up!
Mile 6 and then some: Discussion turned to the GORUCK events of the past weekend, as we attempted to locate the AO for the Heavy and Tough. We're pretty sure we know where Cadre Flash tortures people.
The last quarter mile. Spirits were high as we reached the park. Great ruck with great dudes!

COT: Prayers for the family and friends of Alex Chick. Prayers for Pelosi's family as they continue to mourn his mom's passing on this weekend of her birthday. Prayers for all of us dealing with loss.

Naked Man Moleskin: Death is real. Nothing we can do to stop it. Come on men, let's die livin'!

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