Dates: 2019-10-17

Where: stoneclad

QIC: Ma Bell

Number of Pax: 8

Pax Names: Ma Bell, Harp, Pitchfork, Z93, Red Hat, Chitwood, Good Hands, Pookie

Warm-O-Rama: Moroccan NightClub x 50 (4 count) = 200 total
SSH x 15
Weed Pickers x 15
MM Poopers x 15
Mosey around the lot and back to flag.

The Thang: Started with some Iron Hulk style Jack webbs.
1:4 merkins : airpresses incrementing until 10 merkins : 40 airpresses

Next up, a series of P1=10, P2=AMRAP alternating exercises (until each Pax reaches 50)

At Restrooms:
P1=Mike Tysons (10 then switch)
P2=Dips (AMRAP)
Repeat x 5 (50 per pax). SSH waiting on 6.

Mosey to Playground:
P1=Pullups (10 then switch)
P2=Big Boy Situps(AMRAP)
Repeat x 5 (50 per pax). SSH waiting on 6.

Mosey to Restrooms:
P1=Box Jumps (10 then switch)
P2=Burpees (AMRAP)
Repeat x 5 (50 per pax). SSH waiting on 6.

Mosey to Playground: (Grab a coupon)
P1=Mountain Climbers 4 count (10)
P2=Overhead Press (AMRAP)
Repeat x 5 (50 per pax). SSH waiting on 6.

Ring of Fire (Flutter Kicks)

COT: Mouth to Mouth's dog
Harp's son

Naked Man Moleskin: YHC's focus was going to be on upper body. Searched the "exicon" for a good warmup exercise that would get the shoulders loose and a little tired. Moroccan Nightclubs it is. Turns out they aren't as hard as the exicon made them sound and they seemed to drag on forever. On with the rest of the warm up... The rest were the standard fare. SSH, Weedpickers, MM Poopers, and a mosey.

Stoneclad is a 0.0 so I always find it hard to plan a workout here. Running is such a time killer, but none of that here. At least we can mosey.
To get things going, My thought was to weaken the shoulders in the beginning, so that the remaining shoulder exercises weren't too easy. Started with some Iron Hulk Jack Webbs and that seemed to do the trick.
The remaining plan was to have 2 stations at each end of the parking lot. (The Restrooms and the Playground). The PAX would mosey back and forth and do their thing at each end.

The template for that would be to partner up. Partner 1 does 10 of an exercise while Partner 2 does AMRAP of another exercise. Switch and repeat until both partners have done 10 of the "counting" exercise. Then mosey to the next station and repeat with different exercises.

Squeezed in 2 rounds at each station. Had a couple of minutes left for a quick Ring of Fire with Flutter Kicks before heading back to the flag.

Some noteables:
I'm pretty sure Z93 is just Pitchfork with facial hair.
Chitwood was doing his own thing, as usual.
I was underdressed.
Pookie sweats as much or more as Garf.
Good Hands with the great idea to swap round 2 of Dips with Big Boys. I obliged.
Harp showing off by picking up the biggest stone.
Red Hat spends a LOT of time preparing for coffeteria. One K-cup at a time.

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