Since Turtle Head decided to go on vacation early, we had an a very last minute GQ…. without White Claws… c’mon, man!

Dates: 2019-09-09

Where: oz

QIC: G-String

Number of Pax: 4

Pax Names: Mandles, Showtime, U-Verse, G-String

Warm-O-Rama: SSH
Weed Pickers
Imperial Walkers

The Thang: Some of Everything, and it all hurt:

Mosey around the lot until we stop at a speed bump to do 11s of Burpees and Merkins. Left everyone thoroughly exhausted for all upcoming activities. Mosey 1 more lap then did core workouts in cadence (American Hammers, LBC's, Plank Jacks, Cross Body Mountain Climbers). Mosey another lap to do Lunges with a twist to work both abs and thighs. By this point legs are made of Jello. Mosey again to do 10 merkin ring of fire. Pax went around 3x the planned amount! Ending with a mosey to the flag and did football style up down drills and Mary's. Whew!

COT: Mandles and his company Retreat
G-String and his move

Naked Man Moleskin: Need more White Claws. Ain't no Laws when you're drinkin' the Claws!

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