Time to break in the new AO with some running and burpees. Simple, yet effective

Dates: 2019-07-11

Where: five_hunnert

QIC: Baker's Dozen

Number of Pax: 7

Pax Names: Waterboy, Layup, Sweatervest, Magnolia, Midler, Top Spin, Baker's Dozen

FNG Names: N/A

Warm-O-Rama: 15 SSH IC
10 Windmills IC
Sun Gods OYO
Paused Merkins on Up/Down call out

The Thang: Several of the guys are running races and we have access to the track at the new AO. With that in mind, it was time to get after it with some running and burpees. So simple. So painful!
1/4mi run - 10 Burpees
1/2mi run - 20 Burpees
3/4mi run - 30 Burpees
1mi run - 40 Burpees

COT: Thanked God for the ability to throw down. Prayers for those traveling to the Catholic conference that Top Spin will be attending this weekend, the SFUMC mission team that heads out today, Midler's sister in-law and brother who have a baby due any minute, and for the men who didn't make it today.

Naked Man Moleskin: Running and burpees is one of those simple beat downs that always leaves YHC feeling accomplished. 2.5mi and 100 burpees before 6:15am. That's good stuff. Everyone pushed hard today. It was nice to have the track so everyone could go at their own pace and never feel like anyone was being left behind. YHC saw some men getting outside of their comfort zone this morning. Men getting stronger. Physically and mentally. Great start to the day. Oh, and YHC chose the gif because that's how YHC felt every time I got up for those freakin burpees!

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