Due to some unforeseen non essential “emergency”, some of the gazelles decided to post elsewhere leaving the Q wide open. Other gazelles did receive prior clearance and their absence was excused. Seizing this opportunity, the chance to work on speed was created…

Dates: 2019-10-24

Where: happy_jack

QIC: Hombre

Number of Pax: 4

Pax Names: Gandhi, Bloodhound, Earhart, Hombre

Casey - the lone hound

Warm-O-Rama: Mosey to the center of the football field for:
20 SSH 4 count
20 Merkins
Lunge Stretch & Side Lunge Stretch
20 Mountain Climbers 4 count

Then mosey to the NE corner of the loop.....

The Thang: Run 1.3miles around the paved path as fast as you can.....

Return to the football field for 8x100 yard Sprints at the end of each perform one of these as we progressed....
A) 20 Toe Tapper Merkins L/R=1
B) 20 Off Set Merkins
C) 20 High Hand Merkins
D) 20 Regular Merkins
E) 20 Wide Merkins
F) 20 Diamond Merkins
G) 20 Mike Tyson Merkins
H) 20 Regular Merkins

Run 1.3miles around the paved path.

Completed at least 3.7miles total.

COT: Gandhi trip to India Nov1-8 a) impact for Jesus b) establish sustainable business over there c) job

Praises for Earhart new baby and how easy things have been

Naked Man Moleskin: As we were running in the dark, Gandhi was the only one with a headlamp. As he was in the 6 position, everyone else was running ahead in the darkness. From my perspective I found myself struggling to clearly see the trail ahead but was happy with the times I saw Gandhi’s light to keep me on the path.

In the same way, at the COT Gandhi asked a question that we all must consider shining light again into some of the dark areas of our lives where we generally don’t like people to pry. “How are you doing spiritually?” Heavy and deep question that should not be ignored!
- if you were to die, would you go to heaven?
- do you have some hidden sin that needs to be dealt with?
These questions are critical for us to entertain. Our lives are very fluid and things are always happening. Reflect on the above and take time to respond. Reach out and talk to someone about these.

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