After looking at the Q sheet last week and seeing there was an opening for The Safari, YHC jumped in to lead the beat down and try to keep the momentum going at this AO. Each week has seen an increase in numbers. Maybe it’s the closeness to Waffle House or that Westside has become a regular, but the group that shows up are fun to work out with and the mumblechatter is in top form!

Dates: 2019-11-21

Where: safari

QIC: Rest Stop

Number of Pax: 8

Pax Names: Quagmire, Chitwood, Miyagi, Duggar, Dory, Harp, Westside, and Rest Stop

FNG Names: N/A

Warm-O-Rama: We started our Mosey at the Shovel Flag, and began our lap around the upper parking lot, when another PAX came in hot. Could that be Quagmire?? Yes, it was, so we headed over to pick him up and continued our mosey to the center of the parking lot, where we did the following:

Good Mornings – 10 IC
Weed Pickers – 10 IC
Imperial Walkers – 10 IC
Michael Phelps - OYO

The Thang: At the parking lot, we started with a Parking Line Plank Merkin Indian Run. The PAX got on a parking line, planking while the last PAX did 5 merkins, then jumped over each PAX to the front. When planning, YHC planned to do all the parking lines, but with more PAX than expected, the planking took a toll. After each PAX finished two rounds of merkins, an audible was called and on to the next “thang”.

Next, we moseyed to the center of the parking lot where YHC had placed a cone and explained the following:

Starting at the center of the parking lot, designated with a cone, the PAX would run to a “corner” cone that was at the far end of the parking. The cones included a different exercise for 3 separate rounds. The PAX would perform the designated exercise; run back to center, perform the designated center exercise, then to the next corner, back to center, perform exercise, etc. until all 4 cones had been visited.

For the 1st Round, the PAX did 10 reps of each:
a. Merkins – Center
b. Diamond Merkins - Cone #1
c. Carolina Dry Docks – Cone #2
d. Wide Merkins – Cone #3
e. Hand Release Merkins – Cone #4

For the 2nd Round, the PAX did 20 reps of each:
a. Squats – Center
b. Monkey Humpers - Cone #1
c. Star Jumps – Cone #2
d. Squat Jumps – Cone #3
e. Gorilla Humpers – Cone #4

For the 3rd Round, the PAX did 30 reps of each:
a. Squats – LBCs
b. BBS - Cone #1
c. American Hammers – Cone #2
d. Leg Raises – Cone #3
e. Flutter Kicks – Cone #4

The PAX did these together and the mumble chatter was great! The PAX finished these faster than expected, so we took a Safari lap down the stairs to the lower parking lot and back up to the Flag for 5 minutes of Mary, where Quagmire, Chitwood, Dory and Duggar led the PAX up to 6:15am!

COT: We discussed the upcoming convergence at Hobgood this weekend and the 3rd F/2nd F events. Prayers for Legionnaire’s Sister, the Family that Hasbro knows that lost a child this week, and unspoken request.

Naked Man Moleskin: This morning was a good time. We had some PAX return that had been away for a while and hopefully Chitwood will become a regular. We also had Quagmire make a return after traveling a lot over the past month. It was also great to have the regulars from the last few weeks back in action with Dory, Harp, Miyagi, Westside, and Duggar. The mumberchatter was great this morning and always makes the beatdown go by fast! From Duggar in his pajamas and Chitwood conserving his energy for the COT, a lot of fun was had this morning! Really enjoyed it! Rest Stop Out!

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