Precipitation preceded the PAX in performing a plethora of pectoral practice

Dates: 2019-02-12

Where: lions_den

QIC: Chops

Number of Pax: 7

Pax Names: Oliver, Wolverine, Kobalt, Fleetwood, FNG - Dry Rub, Mr Boston, Chops

Number of FNGs: 1

FNG Names: Dry Rub

Warm-O-Rama: Mozy down to lower bus lanes, circle up for disclaimer. Cadence SSH, Weed Pickers, Hillbillies, Annie.

The Thang: Given the monsoon YHC was conscious of AO ground cover distruction so staying on hard surfaces. 16 bus lanes count routine: Start on lane 1 for 1 burpee run to 16 for 16 Mike Tyson, working our way back and forth with matching increasing/decreasing rep count with lane #. About 6 cycles in noticed that many of the PAX didn't have gloves, so audible. 20x lbcs, flutter kicks, bicycles. Curb to Curb 5x Merkins x5 trips. Mozy over for coupon pile for cinder block helpers (Fleetwood said PAX must accept mud). Onto the basketball court for coupon work. 20x Skull Crushers mozy w/ coupon to other baseline, 20x floor to sky, mozy baseline, curls, left & right hip level lift, squats. On ground... bench presses w/ coupon, cadence bbs, cadence bicycles, and other goodness I forgot. Return coupons w/ Fleetwood stacking the decoy pattern. Headed back to upper lot. Lunge to 1st light pole, a few cadence ssh, same PAX need to get shedded clothing, air chair while wait, back peddle to next light pole, sprint past parked box truck, on to circle up. Mary of canoes, flutter kicks.

COT: Prayers for mens marriages, prayers for new BDs (kettle bell @ Buffington, other up north), thankful for abundance of our lives here in America, pray for more men to come out and join us.

Naked Man Moleskin: Quarterly Q is working. Chops is feeling more comfy with BD planning & structure/style of routine, calling exercise, etc. Previously woke at 3a on Q mornings to invest in intense BD planning... sleep till alarm at 4:45a today and pulled it out of my a$$. Observation as Q this morn... don't kill the new guys... recently new PAX & FNG were in pain from asphalt surface merkins with no gloves. Audible to give hands some relief, but would have pushed on w/ Burpee/Mike Tyson routine otherwise. FNG was from Kansas City where I think they don't consider bbq sauce on meat real bbq leading to name idea of Dry Rub. Great morning in the monsoon gloom. Missed lots of our regulars, but competition is king (and fartsack is queen).

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