MODIFIED super 21’s… should be easier, right??

Dates: 2019-09-02

Where: clinic

QIC: Mandals and Mouth-2-Mouth

Number of Pax: 43

Pax Names: Mouth-2-Mouth, Squirtle, Sgt Slaughter, Spaceballs, Lexi, Quackers, Doddy, Narco, Hooch, Daddy Daycare, Sprout, Primetime, Gut Check, Careless Whisper, Chops, Gotti, AOL, Donzi, Secret, Snap-On, Showtime, Ratchet, Yukon Cornelius, BoSox, Trill, Sundance, Sluky, Abscess, Rooney, Sharapova, GoDaddy, Exile, Jack Bauer, Thunder Britches, Vespa, BandCamp, Geek Squad, Mandals

Number of FNGs: 5

FNG Names: Wham, Softail, U-verse, Flare, Piccolo,

Warm-O-Rama: M2M led the PAX in a long mosey around the amphitheater and back to the green for:
Weedpickers IC
Mountainman poopers IC
other things
(Hard to remember parts you don’t Q)

The Thang: M2M led “Modified” super 21’s:
1 merkin on bottom terrace, move to top terrace, 1 BBSU, move back to bottom terrace.
Repeat, increasing both merkin and BBSU +1 each until finishing with 21 each.

Mosey to green for Mary when done. At about 7 mins remaining, all partner up.
Both work towards 100 burpees, cumulatively.
One partner does burpees while other runs to back wall on stage and does 5 star jumps.
Switch and repeat.
Not enough time to finish.

COT: Named 5 FNGs! Labor Day is a made up holiday but take some time to reflect on your purpose even in the mundane day-to-day

Naked Man Moleskin: Thanks to AOL, Gotti, Gut Check, and Hooch for the drinks and food after!!

Much confusion at beginning of thang since the explanation of the sounded more difficult than a normal super 21... after assumptions were challenged, all agreed modified can swing in the direction of harder. And harder it was!

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